Job scam quick guide: it's a scam if...

  • they want you to collect and forward money in any way (a "money mule" job). You'll wind up engaged in money laundering, personally defrauded via expertly forged cheques, money orders, etc, or defrauding someone else who pays for goods that never arrive.
  • they want you to receive packages and reship them somewhere else. The goods will have been obtained fraudulently, and they're just using you to make the shipping address appear local. You will be aiding fraud.
  • they want up-front payment (either to them or someone else) of any sort for anything before you can get the job. This is advance fee fraud: there is no job -- it's just a big con to extract money from you.
  • they want you to buy any kind of "membership" or "kit" in order to start. Forget it -- it's not a real job at all: they're trying to sell you something, and they're probably making a bunch of other false claims about it if they're pitching it as a "job".
  • it's a job offer, and it's spam. There are LOTS of these scams about, as you can see.

Monday, June 11, 2007

US Logistic

This is forged to appear as though sent by These folks are looking for money mules and reshippers, and it looks like a very organised fraud setup. Suspiciously similar to the Preston Logistics scam.

Domain Name:                                 USLOGISTIC.US <-- scam
Domain ID:                                   D12793557-US
Registrant ID:                               DI_6315012
Administrative Contact Name:                 Sally De Vito
Administrative Contact Email:      
Name Server:                                 NS1.LEXHOST.INFO
Name Server:                                 NS2.LEXHOST.INFO
Domain Registration Date:                    Mon Jun 04 10:36:20 GMT 2007 <-- new
Domain Expiration Date:                      Tue Jun 03 23:59:59 GMT 2008
Domain Last Updated Date:                    Tue Jun 05 17:24:31 GMT 2007

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: no_reply[@] <no_reply[@]>
Date: 09-Jun-2007 08:19
Subject: Work at home


As you're acquainted with our requirements and ready to join us, so, you should provide us with a copy of your ID to verify the provided postal information.

You'll have to work with large sums of money ($300-1200),and that's why we should know your personal information.

The job we offer is dealing with mail.

1. Receive the correspondence from our clients to your home address and ship it further according to our manager's instructions;

2. Report to our manager of every delivered parcel or of every received check (every candidate will be included in managers lists)

3. Repack received items following the instructions our manager will send to you.

4. Receive money from our company for shipping and payment for each shipped out package. Money transfer method described below. We offer $30 for each shipped out box and 5% of each Money Order.

We pay monthly. It would be better if you cash checks at a cashing locations rather than in a bank..

5. Fill in the forms and papers as it will be shown in our managers instructions (you will receive an e-mail instruction for each box).

6. Ship the package out using the specified shipping method (at this moment we mainly use EMS. Every USPS office can ship it with

EMS Global Express/) [f

7. Receive and cash Money Orders and Cashiers Checks.

8. Transfer the money by Western Union to our company (our manager will give you the transfer address).

9. Check your e-mail 5-6 times a day

We will compensate for your expenses for shipping and Western Union fee.

You'll be added to our database in 3 days and one of our managers will contact you.

We'll sign the contract for a long-term partnership (for 12 months) by mail.

Please, confirm your personal information and interest for the job.

Please provide:

- scanned ID or scanned utility bill(by e-mail or by fax - 510-868-2960)

- phone number

If you have any questions, e-mail it

Thank you

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