Job scam quick guide: it's a scam if...

  • they want you to collect and forward money in any way (a "money mule" job). You'll wind up engaged in money laundering, personally defrauded via expertly forged cheques, money orders, etc, or defrauding someone else who pays for goods that never arrive.
  • they want you to receive packages and reship them somewhere else. The goods will have been obtained fraudulently, and they're just using you to make the shipping address appear local. You will be aiding fraud.
  • they want up-front payment (either to them or someone else) of any sort for anything before you can get the job. This is advance fee fraud: there is no job -- it's just a big con to extract money from you.
  • they want you to buy any kind of "membership" or "kit" in order to start. Forget it -- it's not a real job at all: they're trying to sell you something, and they're probably making a bunch of other false claims about it if they're pitching it as a "job".
  • it's a job offer, and it's spam. There are LOTS of these scams about, as you can see.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Petersons Brothers Fishing Company

This is a money mule scam which leaves its options open as to how the victim will be exploited. I believe that the domain name used in this scam was registered by the scammers: the website is not particularly convincing, and the registration is both anonymous and quite recent.

   Whois Server:
   Referral URL:
   Name Server: YNS1.YAHOO.COM
   Name Server: YNS2.YAHOO.COM
   Updated Date: 19-oct-2008
   Creation Date: 19-oct-2008
   Expiration Date: 19-oct-2009

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Petersons Brothers Fishing Company <>
Date: 2008/12/16
Subject: Job Offer (Payment Manager Needed)

I'm Erick Petersons, Human Resources head of Petersons Brothers fishing company , A British Fishing and fishing equipment company with branches in Africa(South Africa), Europe and Asia. We are currently in search of a payment collectors/company representative within Africa, Asia(India, Malaysia, Brunei, Bahrain), Europe, North and Central America and the Middle East Region. Our website is Your Job description is as follows: 1)You would receive payment on our behalf from any of our various clients which would come in the form of cashiers checks, travelers checks, money orders and bank transfers. 2)You get the payments cashed/deposited at your bank. 3)As soon as the payment has been cleared by your bank, you then deduct a commission of 10% of each payment you would be receiving on our behalf which you are entitled to as been our representative 4)You thus send the remainder funds back via western union to details you would be given as soon as it has been confirmed you have received payment. Our payments will be issued out in your name and transfers will be made into the bank account provided by you as we would inform our clients to do. Therefore the following details would be needed from via email. 1)Your Full name 2)Your Physical Address( Not P.O.Box) with your state, city and zip code 3)Your Phone number 4)Your Age and Gender 5)Your Occupation 6)Your Nationality 7)Your Martial status 8)Bank Name (Only RHB Bank required for Malaysian Applicants) Once we have all confirmed your details, it would be forwarded to all of our clients and they will start making payments to you as the company's representative in your area .We would notify you as soon we confirm that any of our clients has mailed out payment to you and a letter of appointment will be issued out to you. We await your urgent response. Warmest Regards, Erick Petersons, Head Human Resources Department Petersons Brothers Fishing Company

Halliburton Oil and Gas

There isn't enough detail in this scam to say what it is for sure, but the most common scam associated with Malaysia is Advance Fee Fraud. If that's the case, then all applicants who express an interest in this job will be offered a position, but will have to pay some kind of fee (probably a visa-related fee) before they can start. There is no job, only fees.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: HALLIBURTON OIL AND GAS <[redacted (not credible)]>
Date: 2008/12/15 UTC
Subject: Your Name Has Been Short Listed

11th Floor, Menara Tan & Tan
207, Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Tel: +60169785342

Your name has been short listed/Chosen among the Lucky expatriates who submitted the CV to the MALAYSIA ONLINE JOB ,before we will issue you the Success

Letter and the Contract Document You have to fill the following information's and send it back to us
Full Names
Zip code:
Marital Status:

Get back to me as soon as possible.
 Bar. Najib Mohamed
 Head of Recruitment Service

Friday, December 12, 2008


This is probably the scam previously reported as "Finance International Ltd" under a new name. Note that the contact name in both cases uses the surname "Lesken". In the case of the spam sample below, the sign-off is "Michael Lesken", but the contact name is "Viktor Lesken". As usual, these people are looking for suckers to launder stolen money for them.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: [redacted (probably not true)]
Date: 2008/12/12 UTC
Subject: Wellington/Perth - AU/NZ job
To: [redacted (privacy)]

Hello,  [redacted].
Due to company expansion onto Asia/Pacific financial market
we will need regional representatives in Australia and New Zealand.
We have full and part time positions available. The vacancy will be
opened until 28th of December 2008. We offer USD $2100 p/month.
Contact Viktor Lesken with your Enquiry/Resume or CV on
We will be providing full training if you suit our organization.
You must have at least a work permit to apply. Experience in
financial field is preferable but not a must. Thank you for your

LV-Finance ltd
Michael Lesken
Management Department

Monday, December 08, 2008


Ho hum, this is another check forgery scam using a textiles company as a cover story. This is way more common than you might think: try searching for the word "textiles" on this blog to see what I mean. The scammer wants to send forged checks to victims, have them bank the checks, then send back cash via Western Union. The check then bounces, leaving the victim much poorer for his or her efforts.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Benjamin Taylor <[redacted (not credible)]>
Date: 2008/12/8
Subject: JOB OFFER
To: undisclosed-recipients


Here is the detailed information on the part time job. K & M INT TEXTILES  COMPANY is seeking  a part time bookkeeper to work either one day or two days depending on their schedule.

This person will be responsible for basic check and balance, invoicing,check cashing.This position does not affect your  present job. Our company produces various clothing materials, batiks,assorted fabrics and traditional costumes.

We have clients we supply weekly in the states and my clients make payments for our supplies every week.

These payments can not be processed outside the united state.So we need someone in the States to work as our representative and assist us in processing the payments from our clients and I will pay him/her a weekly wage, by percentage.

All you need to do is receive this payment from our clients in the States and get it deposited or cashed in your bank.

You will be getting 10%  on each payment you process as your own fee of working for my company.I want you to get back to me with the following informations if you are interested.

FIRST NAME..............................LASTNAME.................
PHONE NUMBER (S)...............................
MARITAL STATUS......................

Kindly send the required information to me via my email  if only you  are willing to work from home part-time and get paid weekly by 10%.Thus Your information will be forwarded to our numerous clients in the states so as to issue  out payment.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Benjamin Taylor
Ivy Mill, Lorne Street
Bolton BL47LW
United Kingdom.

Norsten Logistics Ltd

My apologies for being a bit slow to report this one. This appears to be a reshipper scam targeted at US residents. A fair bit of effort has been put into the website, but they are evidently keeping the same website layout as they churn through different names. For example, Bobbear recently reported a nearly identical scam operating under the name "Kraemer Logistics".

The reshipper scam means that the "employee" will be required to receive goods which have been purchased using stolen credit cards (or similar) and re-ship the goods overseas to the fraudsters.

   Registrar: ENOM, INC.
   Whois Server:
   Referral URL:
   Name Server: NS1.BDNS.CO.CR
   Name Server: NS2.BDNS.CO.CR
   Updated Date: 28-nov-2008
   Creation Date: 28-nov-2008
   Expiration Date: 28-nov-2009

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: [redacted (false, random)]
Date: 2008/12/4 UTC
Subject: Additional Salary
To: [redacted (privacy)]

Start your career with a huge international company right now!

Dear Sir/ Madam

My name is David Wharton and I want to offer you a promising job, which will give you a worthy income and a possibility of promotion. Norsten Logistics Ltd is announcing about the recruitment of couriers in USA. For this vacancy we are searching for punctual, diligent and reliable employees.

Our company Norsten Logistics was created in 1991. It offers wide range of warehousing, international air and marine shipment services. Moreover, it provides a reliable truck and railway service within the territory of Europe and USA. Our branch-offices are situated in more than 15 countries all over the world.
                                                                              Right now there are only 25 vacancies, and thus, we need to find 25 people, which will work with us.

                                                       Our requirements for the vacancy:
                                                                          - Age from 18 to 60 years.
- Residence in USA with the US-registration.
- Constant access to the Internet, plus basic knowledge of PC ( a confident E-mail, MS Word and Excel-user).
- Possibility of working at home. You may consider this job as a part-time-one or as an additional earning, providing that you have an opportunity of receiving and sending the packages (from warehouses).

                                                                     You will be provided with all the working materials. All the payments are up fronted. There are no hidden fees.            

This offer will be active within 15 business days.                                                                                
All the additional information about this job-offer can be found on our web-site:

If you are interested in this vacancy, please, send us a letter with your short resume:

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Canttail Manqi Import & Export (not)

This looks very much like another check fraud scam. The scammer is looking for victims to cash forged checks or money orders. If there is a real business using this name, it is not in any way related to the scam -- it's just a random cover story chosen by the scammer.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Mr.Chio Kyu-Hah <>
Date: 2008/11/26 UTC
Subject: **Job Offer**
To: [redacted (false, irrelevant)]

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Mr.Chio Kyu-Hah,we are a group of business men who deal on import and export of raw materials into Canada, America and Europe.We are searching for representatives who can help us establish a medium of getting to our customers in  Canada, America and Europe as well as making payments through you to us.

Please if you are interested in transacting business with us we will be very glad.Contact us for more information. Subject to your satisfaction you will be given the opportunity to negotiate your mode of which we will pay for your services as our representative in Canada, America and Europe

Mr.Chio Kyu-Hah.
Canttail Manqi

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Shing Shun Machinery Limited (not)

This scammer is looking for people to cash forged checks or money orders on his behalf. The scammer is not a representative of Shing Shun Machinery Limited: that's just a random cover story (subject to change as people like me expose the scam).

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <>
Date: 2008/11/26 UTC
Subject: Legal representative needed in America

Shing Shun Machinery Limited
Suite 1708, 17/F
Hoi Tai Factory Estate
Kin Fat Street Tuen Mun
New Territories
Hong Kong
Tel/Fax: 852-3015-8587

Dear Attorney.

I got your profile from the Attorney web-site

After a careful review of your profile as well as your qualification and experience, it is logical to believe that you are capable and qualified in assisting my company with its financial services as well as work us through the modalities of setting up a subsidiary of our company in the United States
My company Shing Shun Machinery Limited HK,specializes in exporting machinery equipments, such as Cold Chamber Die-casting Machine,Injection Molding Machine,Automatic Polishing Machine ,Skeleton Bucket,Hydraulic Press and Other Accessory Equipments,Mould Trial Machine, and HARDBOX from Asia into Europe,
 America and Australia and the global need for our goods has given rise to a significant increase in our customer base world wide.

To give you a better understanding of what your responsibilities will be as my representative, it is important that you understand some difficulties that I am faced with presently in receiving funds from clients in America.

Firstly, most payments for equipments are drawn in checks and it takes approximately two weeks for checks from other continents to clear with our local banks. These delays mostly result in our late response to orders and we sometimes loose clients to other suppliers.
Secondly, we experience high tariffs and foreign exchange charges as funds will have to be converted by our banks to local currencies as they are cleared with our banks and re converted to foreign currency as we place orders for supplies from our international suppliers.

As you can see, the back and forth process of currency conversion, results to high charges for foreign exchange thereby resulting to increase in cost of doing business. But with your assistance as my representative, funds that are to be used for supplies will be sent directly to you from my clients there
by avoiding the intercontinental banking processing time between Asia and America.

From my business experience, I have come to realize that every good business reference starts with a satisfactory performance and I have decided that it is better for us to prove to ourselves how efficient we are.

We understand that a proper Attorney Client Retainership agreement will provide the necessary authorization and we are most inclined to commence talks as soon as possible I believe this is better than any recommendation or references.

Please also let us know what your remuration will be. I do hope this is acceptable to you. I do hope the terms of business is acceptable to you. Upon receipt of your acceptance, I will update you on how we may proceed On behalf of Shing Shun Machinery Limited HK, Please accept my sincerest appreciation in
advance for your willingness to render your services as we look forward to your prompt response to my email.

Best Regards,

Mr.Tanaka Wong
President CEO

Monday, November 24, 2008

Our surveys show...

There has been a massive torrent of this particular spam in the last half a day -- instances of this one spam accounted for more than half the spam I received (to this particular address) in that period. Subject lines vary significantly, but the body text remains pretty static. The use of multiple Gmail accounts and the "our surveys show" text strongly suggest that this scammer was also responsible for the "global auto agency" scam early this year.

The kind of scam involved here is a basic money mule scam: they want you to receive stolen money through direct bank transfers, then launder it via Western Union. Gmail contact addresses seen in association with this scam so far are as follows.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: [redacted (false, random)]
Date: 2008/11/24 UTC
Subject: Make up to 502 AUD a week on the sale of our electronics.
To: [redacted (privacy)]


Our surveys show that 81% of people of your city are not satisfied with their weekly earnings and wish to make more.

That is why we would like to offer you an opportunity of part-time work. To earn 532
AUD a week you have to spend 3-4 hours a week.
You need a phone preferably a mobile a computer and internet.
If you are reading these lines, it means you have {_mac11_0} you need to start earning..

The proposal lasts till the end of the month; I have 71 vacancies in your country so far.
You will have to help our clients. It is a simple earning., which requires attentiveness and proposal.
I provide training and everything you need for the 71.
country will be happy to help you with any extra information.
To speed up our email , please send me an email


Colorite Paints Company Limited (impostor)

This is a scam. The party sending this email is not associated with the Colorite Paint Company: it's just another cover story for a check/money order forger who is looking for willing suckers to cash his forgeries for him. This scam is not new: here's a mailing list archive with the same scam dated January 2008. Even the phone number is the same. The phone number, by the way, is not that of the real Colorite Paint Company. The address in this spam is wrong, too.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: The Colorite Paints Company Limited <[redacted (not credible)]>
Reply-To: <>
Date: 2008/11/23 UTC
Subject: Company Representative Is Needed ( Best Part Time Job Offer )


My name is Gwen Storm and I work for The Colorite Paints Company Limited ... "It's all in the color mix".
We have your E-mail and profile from a job listing, we would be very interested in giving you a Part-Time or Full-Time paying job in which you could earn a minimum of $1,000 - $2,000 / month.

We are searching for reliable professionals across the United States who are interested in a potentially lucrative job with an international Company like The Colorite Paints Company Limited.

The job it has been structured to make you earn something tangible without hindering your daily activity(s).

It is my pleasure to extend the following offer of employment to you, if you are interested email me back and i will be glad to send you more info about the position.

Respectfully yours,

Gwen Storm - Human Resources Manager

Colorite Paints Company Limited
144 Boston Road
London v9 3PJ
United Kingdom

Tel: +44(0)20 8475 3381
Fax: +44(0)20 8464 5158

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fabricom Oil and Gas Ltd. (impostors)

A correspondent sent me an inquiry about a job offer received on Craigslist: someone claiming to represent "Fabricom Oil and Gas Ltd" is currently only too happy to employ people as an Administrative Assistant/Accounts Receivable Clerk. This job is also known as "money mule", or more precisely "sucker who will be asked to cash forged checks or money orders and then abandoned as soon as they are caught". In other words, these people are looking for victims, not employees. A quick search shows evidence that there is a real Fabricom Oil and Gas, but they have nothing to do with this scam. As a general rule, all job offers which involve handling money for overseas entities are scams. Those looking for a job on Craigslist should be particularly aware of this, but it holds for those looking for jobs on dedicated employment websites and also in newspapers!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tongxiang Jenice Textile Co., Ltd. (not)

This is the same scam as Menglei Import & Export Co., Ltd. and also Yiwu Menglei Import & Export, simply using a new company and contact name (chosen more or less at random). Everything else remains the same: compare the text. The guy wants you to cash forged cheques or money orders on his behalf and wire back the cash quickly before you realise you've been had.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Tongxiang Jenice Textile Co., Ltd. <[redacted (false)]>
Date: 2008/11/18 UTC
Subject: Tongxiang Jenice Textile Co (work with us and earn 10%)
To: undisclosed-recipients

Tongxiang Jenice Textile Co., Ltd.
Dama Industrial Zone,
Tongxiang City,
Zhejiang Province. China


Compliments of the day, and my best wishes to you. I am Ms. Zhongmei Wang
The C.E.O  of the above
company. This company is into manufacturer of upholstery fabrics and
bedding sets. The annual
fabric production capacity is up to 5 millon meters, which involves
household textile fabrics,
coarse fabrics for clothing, and various kinds of suede fabrics

Having gone through a methodical search, I decided to contact you hoping
that you will find this
proposal interesting. we are interested in employing your services to work
with us as a private
payment agent that can help us establish a medium of receiving payment for
goods that was supplied
to our customers in in your location,as the company is already
experiencing difficulties in
receiving payments from them.

Most of our customers pay out in cheques and money orders and we do not
have an account in your
country that will clear this money. It is upon this note that we seek your
assistance to stand in
as our representative in your country. It is important to let you know
that, as our
representative, you will receive 10% of whatever amount you clear for the
company and the balance
will be for the company.

Please if you are interested to work with us in good faith and honesty,
Contact  Mr. Zhongjie Yang
General Manager (G.M) of this company  Through this email address:

Endeavor to let him know that I directed you to him; Please let him know
your decision rather than
keeping him waiting because I will inform him about my contacting you. The
(G.M). Will tell you
more on receipt of your response. If you are  not interested, kindly
pardon me for contacting you.
Thanks for your time and remain blessed.

Very Respectfully,

Ms. Zhongmei Wang
Tongxiang Jenice
Textile Co.,

Friday, November 07, 2008

David Weasley, Mystery Shoppers Ltd

This is a cheque/money order forgery scam disguised as a Mystery Shopper offer. The source of the email appears to be, which is currently registered to a network service provider in Lagos, Nigeria (big surprise). The website mentioned in this spam is not actually related to the scam -- it's just part of the scammer's cover story. What's really going on here is that the scammer wants to send you forged cheques or money orders and have you cash them at some facility and wire back the bulk of the money via Western Union or similar, all under the pretext that you're trying out the associated services, and are going to write a report on it. The truth of the matter is that he just needs willing suckers to take the legal risks associated with cashing forged cheques and money orders.

Steer clear of this Nigerian scammer crap, and rest assured that ANY "mystery shopper" offer you receive by email is just another cover story for a scam.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Mystery Shoppers Ltd. <mysteryshopper[@]>
Date: 2008/11/6 UTC
Subject: Get Paid To Shop ?.
To: recipients <Undisclosed>

Dear Sir/Ma,

Performance analysis and mystery shopping is crucial for any modern business. It is an important part of improving quality of service and enhancing sales so that the business progresses and rules the market. The company that proves its competence gains maximum number of clients.

The stores and companies try out various ways of improving their customer services. They go out of their ways to find out where the drawback lies. Some managers do it stealthily but the smarter ones hire someone else to do the job. Mystery shopping service is one of the mysterious ways of building the relationship with the customers.

We are a company that conduct surveys and evaluate for other companies. We get hired to go to other peoples companies and act like customers in order to know how the staffs are handling their services in relation to their customers.

So we are looking for person(s) that can play the role of a mystery shopper.Once we have a contract to do, you would be given the funds and directed to the company or outlet, all you need to do the is (either purchase goods or their services), after which you would write a comment on the staffs activities and give a detailed record of your experience

Examples of details you would forward to us are

1) How long it took you to get services.
2) Smartness of the attendant.
3)Customer service professionalism.
4)Sometimes you might be required to upset the attendant, to see how they react to clients when they get tensed.

And we turn the information over to the company executives and they would carry out their own duties in improving there services.We will pay Ј150 on every evaulation carried out. We need to run a background check on you.

Your job will be to evaluate and comment on customer service in a wide variety of shops, stores, restaurant and services in your area.No commitment is made on this job, and you would have flexible hours as it suits you. If you are interested do send in these information:

AGE : (18 and Above)

N:B. You will entitled to 5% on each payment you receive in your account on
outing you make. So we can look at your distance from the locations which you have to put your service into, and your address would also be needed for your payments.

David Weasley (0702-407-1528)

VTB Assets

There's not a lot to be said about this. It's another money mule job of some stripe, based on fake names and a Gmail contact address. The job description leaves its options open as to whether they are going to send you stolen money via direct transfer, or just trick you into cashing forged cheques. If I were to hazard a guess, I'd place my bet on forged cheques or money orders, but that's just a guess.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: [redacted (false, random)]
Date: 2008/11/6 UTC
Subject: VTB Assets hiring local managers

VTBAssets is a leading electronic funds transfer company with core
business values and a great concern for the general well-being and
satisfaction of our customers. The scope of our expertise enables
VTBAssets to respond effectively to any challenges our clients may encounter.
VTBAssets is represented by a sophisticated network of agents on
six continents, with a blend of intelligence, talent and
expertise, harnessed to bring competitive advantage to the client. We
move money all over the world and make every corner of the world
accessible to VTBAssets customers! For that reason, we will be  happy
to welcome you - people-competent, pro-active, energetic and purposeful individual
- to join the staff of our Company. If you do wish to join us, you should
demonstrate your ability to bring benefit to the Company, so please forward a copy of
your resume to our HR manager at and we will be happy to get to know you.

  You can always find a list of open vacancies, currently demanded by
the Company on our website. On the website, you can also find an application form that you will have to fill out.
Here are some of the perks you will get when you join our Company:
             a.. Competitive compensation.
             b.. Social security package and medical insurance.
             c.. Free seminars and skills training

           If you are interested in this vacancy, don't hesitate to forward a copy of
your resume to or fill out a form on our website VTBAssets.

           Remote Assistant

           Ideal candidates will thrive in an entrepreneurial
environment and have the desire to manage their own operation.
The duties of the Remote Assistant are to process financial operations between our partners,
clients and our company, in particular:
             a.. Managing cash and balancing receipts
             b.. Operating within prescribed budgets
             c.. Following up on accounts


           During the trial period you will get 5% commission from every
payment received and forwarded. After the trial period your base pay
 salary will go up to $500 per week, plus 5% commission. The salary will be
 sent in the form of wire transfer directly to your account every 2 weeks.

             a.. Good business acumen.
             b.. Must be at least 18 years old.
             c.. Honest, responsible, industrious
             d.. PC, e-mail and the Internet skills
             e.. Prior experience of processing checks/wire
transfers/money orders
is preferable, but not required.
             f.. Ability to check e-mail several times a day.
             g.. Ability to dedicate at least 2 hours per day (possibly in the evening).

           Job features:
             a.. Internet remote operations;
             b.. Part-time job (1-3 hours per day);
             c.. Possibility to combine with primary job;
             d.. The brief training course is enclosed.

If you are interested in this vacancy, you can forward your resume to or
fill out a special form on our website.

Russian Electronics Company

Here's the latest money mule employment offer to hit my inbox. This is not a sales gimmick requiring you to pay setup fees or sign up to a mailing list. This is organised crime, seeking to employ unwitting dupes in money laundering. There hasn't been much effort put into the "Russian Electronics Company" identity here: they're just using a bunch of Gmail addresses (for now -- they may diversify) starting with "r.e.c.".

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: [redacted (false, random)]
Date: 2008/11/7
Subject: Vacancy
To: [redacted (privacy)]

Honest Workers Needed!!!

Are you blessed with a new child yet unable to attend work? Are you a college student with odd class schedules impairing regular work time?
Well you're in luck!!!
We are looking for honest and communicative people to sort, store, and make readily available our delivered finance from you!!
This is not a sales gimmick requiring you to pay setup fees or sign up to a mailing list. This is a business requiring only limited amounts of your time.
Spaces are limited so act now for this great intuitive job offer.
We have a few locations to choose from. we require people in South and North America, European country, Australia. We are sorry but if you are not in the listed continents or in the vicinity of, your application request will be denied.

Please send your resumes only to our e-mail:

or if you are without resume or employment history simply send your name address and a few comments or reasons why you should be considered for this position.
We are sorry but P.O Boxes will not be accepted.
regards R.E.C. (Russian Electronics Company)

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Olpio Solutions INC (and similar)

Thanks guys! These scammers have been so kind as to send me a scam job offer directly. Keep up the good work!

"Olpio Solutions" appears to be a completely made-up name, with no hits in Google at the time of composing this report. Based on information from their website, it's clear that this is a cheque ("check" in the USA) fraud scam: they send you forged cheques, and want you to cash them and wire back the cash. Cheques can bounce after you draw on them in most cases, so you'll wind up personally out of pocket quite a large amount for your efforts.

Here is an extract of the WHOIS data for their domain.

   Whois Server:
   Referral URL:
   Updated Date: 29-oct-2008
   Creation Date: 29-oct-2008
   Expiration Date: 29-oct-2009

A little further digging reveals that this scam is an old scam with a cosmetic name-change. An almost identical site is currently operating under the name "Apex Websolutions", and registered only a month and a half ago.

   Whois Server:
   Referral URL:
   Name Server: NS56.EUKDNS.COM
   Name Server: NS57.EUKDNS.COM
   Updated Date: 16-sep-2008
   Creation Date: 15-sep-2008
   Expiration Date: 15-sep-2009

Oh, wait! There's more. These guys are also known by the following names and domains.
Ugh! Too much work! It seems like this scam has been ongoing since at least 09-may-2007, with the domain "" and fake business name "Edesigns Worldwide INC". Search this linked page for those terms to see a scam report dated 13-May-2007. Note that these scammers prefer to register their domain names using the "Whois Proof" ( anonymisation service.

You can't possibly keep up with all these names, can you? Thankfully you don't have to! Just refuse all job offers that involve processing payments, because they're all scams!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Martinez A Carlos <>
Date: 2008/11/1
Subject: New Job Available for : Accounts Payable Manager/Payments Processor

Dear Applicant,

We have an exciting opportunity with our company for: Accounts Payable Manager/Payments Processor  in your area with no need of relocation

Job Snapshot

Compensation: $85,000 - $95,000 per year
Employee Type: Full-Time Employee
Manages Others: Yes

Job Type:

Admin - Clerical
Customer Service

Desired Education Level: High School
Experience: N/A
Required Travel: NO
Relocation: NO


Must have Microsoft Office Intermediate experience, checking emails 3 times/day.

For more details please visit our website and see the job description:


Terms and Conditions


(Click on the link above to get to our webpage and read all our terms and conditions for the job)

Please read them carefully and reply to this email if you agree and comply with them with the information required. Even if you do not agree with them please let us know so we can keep looking for someone who can help us!

Thank you!

Carlos A Martinez

General Manager

Olpio Solutions INC


This email has been sent on behalf of Olpio Solutions INC to

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Adcco Express (Impostors)

This is a reshipping scam, probably based in Ukraine if the WHOIS data on their domain is anything to go by (they use .ua email addresses, a Ukrainian registrar, and claim to be based in Odessa). They've copied the website and identity of Adcco Distribution and Transportation, simply replacing the contact details with their own. Here's an extract of the WHOIS data, plus my correspondence with them.

   Domain Name: ADCCO-EXPRESS.COM <-- Impostors! Scammers!
   Whois Server:
   Referral URL:
   Name Server: NS1.IMENA.COM.UA
   Name Server: NS2.IMENA.COM.UA
   Name Server: NS3.IMENA.COM.UA
   Updated Date: 07-oct-2008
   Creation Date: 07-oct-2008
   Expiration Date: 07-oct-2009

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: barclay conrad <[redacted (false, random)]>
Date: 2008/10/28
Subject: Shipping & Receiving Courier Position

Dear Partner,

Our company is looking for permanent representatives within the territory of the Canada/United States of America and Europe.
We need people at the age of 21 to 55 for rather easy work on processing of the incoming mail and parcels.

Candidate Requirements And Benefits:

- Have permanent Internet access
- An ability to pick up 5-30lbs parcels
- An ability to stay at home 3-5 hours a day
- Purposeful, responsible and vigorous person

The compensation is about $800 - $2000 per month.

If you would like to apply to this vacancy, please email at

Thanks in advance as I look forward to hear from you for further information.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Steven Kaminsky <>
Date: 2008/10/30
Subject: Job description
To: [quite a few people]

your job will be accepting and sending parcels, their sorting, checking the contents and further delivery. For this job you should stay home during post services work hours, for sometimes you will have to accept parcels, addressed to our clients, i.e. with their name on the label. Since it is sometimes difficult to make a warrant, you would have to take the parcel directly from the postman, not in the office. We offer you $40.00 for every SENT parcel. We pay all mail expenses (package is not included).

Persons who will be accepted for this job will follow these simple instructions:

- Receive the correspondence from our company to his/her residential address

- Report to our manager about new parcels ( Every candidate will be included in manager's lists )

- Repack received items following the instructions our manager will send to you.*

- Receive prepaid shipping label. First month we offer $40,00/each shipped out box. ( In a week can be more then 10 parcels, in a month - more then 50 parcels )

- Fill the forms and papers as it will be shown in our managers instructions ( You will receive e-mail with instructions for each box ).

- Ship the package out using the specified shipping method (at this moment we use mainly EMS /every USPS office can ship it with EMS Global Express/)

* All parcels pass the control in International Package Center, we care of yours security

Just send your resume to us by e-mail. Also, you will need to sign a contract with us. 


If you would like to apply to this vacancy, please email at Best regards, Steven Kaminsky.

You can also visit our website:


A scammer operating out of Malaysia (IP address has just short-listed everyone with an email address for this job. It's probably advance fee fraud: he'll gladly offer you this (fake) job, but requires certain work-visa fees to be paid up front. There is no job, only a scammer conning people into sending him money.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: AMALCO OIL & GAS INC <[redacted (doubtful)]>
Date: 2008/10/30 UTC

Level 16, Tower 5
PETRONAS Twin Towers
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +60 1436 27161



Your name has been shortlisted/Choosen among the Lucky expatriates who
submitted the CV to the MALAYSIA ONLINE JOB ,before we will issue you the
Success Letter and the Contract Document You have to fill the following
informations and send it back to us

Full Names









Get back to me as soon as possible.

Bar. Rahim   Mohammed
Head of Recruitment Service.


A correspondent asked me to confirm that this is a scam. It is. In fact, the whole recruitment company is fake!

Domain ID:D154462574-LROR
Domain Name:EQUITYRECRUITMENT.ORG <-- scam domain
Created On:14-Oct-2008 06:42:48 UTC <-- recently created
Last Updated On:14-Oct-2008 06:42:52 UTC
Expiration Date:14-Oct-2009 06:42:48 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:Melbourne IT, Ltd. dba Internet Names Worldwide (R52-LROR)
Registrant ID:C122396479650310
Registrant Organization:Private Registration US
Name Server:YNS1.YAHOO.COM
Name Server:YNS2.YAHOO.COM

> From:
> Subject: SPDC Recruitment.
> Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2008 11:59:33 +0000
> 25 Bank Street, Canary Wharf,
> London, ENG, E14 5LE, United Kingdom
> Email:
> Tel/fax: +442071797777
> Reply only to
> Client code/SPDC/PHC/vol. 7878
> Attn: Sir.
> Subject: SPDC Recruitment.
> You are hereby notified that your qualifications and experiences were found suitable for the
> requirements of Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria.
> For verification and screening you are to submit your most recent resumes and certificates
> through our e-mail above.
> Faithfully,
> Mr. John Tibbo Jim

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Prof Escrow Group

As their website showed (at the time I investigated), this is just the Pes Group scam again. They haven't even bothered changing the sign-off name, which is still "Ronald Rosinski". As before, they are recruiting money mules to launder stolen funds for them.

   Registrar: ACE OF DOMAINS, INC
   Whois Server:
   Referral URL:
   Name Server: NS1.EGNS.VG
   Name Server: NS2.EGNS.VG
   Updated Date: 22-oct-2008
   Creation Date: 22-oct-2008
   Expiration Date: 22-oct-2009

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: [redacted (false, random)]
Date: 2008/10/28 UTC
Subject: We'd like you to be a part of our team

We read with interest your resume detailing your qualifications and relevant work experience on pages of Careerbuilder web site.
You certainly have an impressive range of skills and qualifications.
We serve some of the famous corporations in the United States and Europe and work on many of the most advanced experimental escrow transactions today.  We are currently looking for individuals who possess an outstanding work ethic and a mind for business to fill our Financial agent position.
responsibilities will include:receive payments from our clients and process them to our contractors.

Successful candidates must possess normal verbal and written communication skills, be honest and responsible. Previous experience in service or transactional process is an added plus.
Your profit will be $30000 - $40000 per year. It will increase each year.  If you are interested in that opportunity please let me know just providing me with your reply by e-mail
If you like the position, you will be able to start working within three days register on our website . If you feel that position is not for you please let me know anyway and I will appreciate your reply.

You will get all additional details within 24 hours. I would ask you to read some additional information on our web site

Best regards,
Ronald Rosinski

MAI Capital

This "MAI Capital" is just the RAI Capital scam with a search-and-replace from "RAI" to "MAI". The fact that they are offering "tMAIning" for their employees was the tip-off to this fact!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Oleg Zabolotin <[redacted (false, random)]>
Date: 2008/10/28 UTC
Subject: New temporary/part-time positions available now
To: [redacted (third party)]

Dear job seeker,
Please find a regular update on the temporary and part-time jobs below. If you received this email in error, please respond email back with the subject: REMOVE.

VACANCY: Transactions Analyst / Senior Transactions Analyst
DEPARTMENT: Transactions
GROUP: Finance & Operations
EMPLOYER: MAI Capital, Ltd.
INDUSTRY: Financial Services
AVG PAY: $2,000 - $5,000 / mo


Found in 2001 in Novosibirsk, Russia our company has grown to be a strong player in the national financial market with an ambition and capacity to expand overseas. Currently headquartered in Moscow, we specialize in offering tailored derivative trading strategies to institutional clients and qualified private investors both as a derivatives broker-dealer and an asset management consultancy. Found by a group of mathematics-turned-financiers, we have creativity, meritocracy, and constant innovation as our core values. We believe that it is the enterpreneurial and inventive spirit of our team that drives forward both our business and that of our clients. Our talent and dedication is our core asset, and we are keen to offer endless opportunities for further professional tMAIning and education.

MAI Capital Ltd. is an equal opportunities employer opsen to candidates of any sex, race, age or ethnicity.


Finance and Operations Department manages the administrative side of our business on day-to-day basis. As a Transactions Analyst, you will be in charge receiving funds into a bank account you create and processing them to our international account. In this role, you will have actual business responsibility from day one, with your duties ranging from receiving incoming funds alerts from your supervisor and confirming the transfers arriving into your account, to initiating transfers into our managed client accounts in Russia and confirming the settlement. On average, your duties will require up to 8 business hours per week. Since the Transactions Department is based in Moscow, you will be in touch with your supervisor via phone, email and fax, and thus you need immediate access to these facilities. You should also be able to visit your bank branch during the regular business hours upon a few hours notice.
Your compensation will be calculated as 2% percent of the client funds that you handle. You will receive your remuneration each time that you complete a transaction, thus ensuring the full flexibility of your employment contract. On average you can expect to earn from $2,000.00 to $5,000.00 per month working as a Transactions Analyst with our company. Please reply to this email for more information on the positions available.

The position can be filled while working at home or keeping a current full-time job, with the remuneration entirely determined by your performance. In order to apply for this position, you must be aged 21+ years and have a verifiable residence in the USA.


A successful andidate needs to be a self-starter with strong communication skills who is capable of setting and managing her priorities. Candidates with previous clerical, business or administrative exerience are preferred, although this is not a pre-requisite to succeed in this job. Relevant professional tMAIning will be provided by the employer.


Please contact our VP, Finance & Operations at with your contact email address and phone number to request further information and/or enquire on the application procedure. All applications are treated in confidence.

Your's Sincerely

Dr. Oleg Zabolotin
Managing Director
MAI Capital, Ltd

Point Focus LLC

Similarities in the text lead me to believe that this is the Ecosystems Global scammers using a new name. It's a basic money mule scam, where the "employees" are sent stolen money to launder internationally via Western Union.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Point. Focus. LLC <[redacted (false, random)]>
Date: 2008/10/28 UTC
Subject: up to 4k monthly revenue
To: [redacted (privacy)]

Point Focus LLC is  now expending! To deal with the
international payments processings we are now looking for people
willing to facilitate  establishing of our all-round-the-globe
business connections and assist saving considerably by tax disbursing
reduction. This position of the Financial Assistant involves accepting
payments from our Australian, UK and US ( rarer Spanish)clients to your account and resending to our partners.
You are getting paid right by the moment you cash the
payment. It's the commission in amount equal to 8% out the sum posted on your account.
This very amount you're deducting before sending anything out.
        So,estimated roughly, you can make up to 2000$ extra monthly.
                 Plus, you get:
- flexi-time (usually 2-3 hours a day)
- Saturdays & Sundays off
         Requirements:     - Have to be aged 21 or above
- No criminal record
- Regular Internet access
- Ability to accept payments using your bank account
- Ability to resend the money through Western Union
      If feel qualified ,please, attach the following info to start up with:
           -  Fist Name:
-  Last Name:
-  Age:
-  Sex:
- Country
- State, City, Zip
- Phone number( home and cell)
- Valid email address
                NOTE:!!!! the email address you use to contact us for the first time is: , in the subject field put " interested".
                 Please, use only mentioned email address, otherwise we'll fail to receive your response.

Realty Brokers

These scammers don't give a name, but the Gmail address they provide as a contact point suggests they are pretending to be something like "Realty Brokers". It's obviously the same scam as TradeKey Community Works (TCW) under a different name: note the extremely similar text and odd Habit of Capitalising Most Words.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: [redacted (false, random)]
Date: 2008/10/28 UTC
Subject: Looking for Second Job or Extra Income? Read.

Greetings to Everyone! You Have a Lifetime Opportunity to Start making up to $1,200 per Week, Getting Paid Daily! Successful company  offers an Outstanding Job Position! Please Take Couple Minutes to Discover This Amazing Opportunity That Will Change Your Life. You Are Being Offered an Outstanding Job Position Called "Fund Operator"! With Having Absolutely No Education and No Past Experience You Are able to Make up to $1,200 Weekly!

Here are Few Requirements Before You Apply:

1. This Offer is for US citizens Only (or you need to have work permit)
2. You Have to Have 2-3 hours of spare Time Monday-Friday.
3. You Have to be Enthusiastic About It and Be Able to Provide Us With Best Service.
4. No Past Experience Required/ No School Degree Required!
5. Be Able to Check E-mail 4-5 Times a Day and Stay in Touch With us Throughout the Day if Possible!

Company Itself is Based in Zurich, although our is a Worldwide Corporation that Distributes Businesses All Over the World and We Represent our Greece Location, Fairly Young, but Successful Organization. With the Help of Google Advertisements it Was Possible to Deliver This Message to You! Nowadays Internet Makes it Possible for Us to Interact on a Whole New Level.
Full Information About Position Will be Given in Full Package that You Can Request by E-mail, See Below How to Request Full Package.

If You'd like to Obtain More Information,

Please Request Full Information Package by Sending E-mail to:

Monday, October 27, 2008

John Scott

This is a very nondescript money mule recruitment scam, targeting New Zealand and Australia. This suggests that the scam involves receipt of stolen money via direct transfer, and laundering it via Western Union. The scammer does not give a company name (false or otherwise), identifying himself only as "John Scott" and providing only a webmail address as a contact point. As usual, it's pretty clear that English is not this scammer's first language.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: John Scott <[redacted (false, random)]>
Date: 2008/10/27 UTC
Subject: Great offer (now hiring)
To: [redacted (privacy)]

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are urgently looking for employees within the whole territory of the New Zealand
and Australia. We hire personal at the age of 21 to 70 for rather easy work on processing of the incoming orders and performancing of simple management duties.

You don't have to be a professional or to have special training. We also don't require working experience in any field; all you need for this job are:

1. Ability to accurately follow the instructions on the solving the required tasks.
2. Be a confident computer user.
3. Ability to work with MS Word.
4. Ability to work with MS Excel.
5. Have permanent Internet access.

This job is ideal students, mothers, pensioners and people who are looking for the part-time job perfectly well. You need only few free hours during whole day to fulfill your working duties.

All the candidates will be selected and checked on the competitive basis. To submit your application, please, send us your CV or profile to the following address:


Your request will be considered within 24-48 hours.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Torres Capital

The money mule scams are coming thick and fast at the moment. This looks like another one which involves receiving stolen funds via direct transfer and laundering via Western Union. It's pretty fresh: the domain was registered in the last couple of days. There is probably a real company with the name "Torres Capital", but I don't think they're actively trying to impersonate anyone.

   Registrar: ESTDOMAINS, INC.
   Whois Server:
   Referral URL:
   Name Server: NS1.CYBNS.INFO
   Name Server: NS2.CYBNS.INFO
   Updated Date: 22-oct-2008
   Creation Date: 20-oct-2008
   Expiration Date: 20-oct-2009

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: [redacted (false, random)]
Date: 2008/10/22 UTC
Subject: Administrative Assistant Vacancy
To: [redacted (privacy)]

Company Name:  Torres Capital

Job Category:  Accounting/Finance; Account/Manager

Location:  Australia

Position Type: Full-Time, Employee, Part-Time

Salary:  5,000 per month plus 5% of each payment processing operation

Experience:  1+

Desired Education Level: High School or Equivalent

Date Posted:  October 22, 2008

Leading international company is expanding!  We have an exciting opening for a Finance Manager.
Please attach your resume in DOC or reach text format and apply right now. This position is

Job Summary:

You will make some basic tasks from your manager daily; manage personal assets;
making simple financial operations. You don't need to have any kind of financial education or
We will make online training for position offered. You will have more information in job
description document. Apply now.

Requirements: Australian citizenship or Australian permanent residency
High school or College in relevant field or 1+ years experience in management;
basic computer, good verbal and grammar skills; must have a cellular phone for urgent tasks;
must be able to work part-time; must provide resume for qualification process.


If you're interested send your full name, phone number, age and RESUME to:

Monday, October 20, 2008

TradeKey Community Works (TCW)

This money mule scam targets Australians, and is thus almost guaranteed to involve receipt of stolen money via direct funds transfer, and laundering via Western Union. It has all the hallmarks of the chain of scams most recently operating under the name "EU All Sales Team". These Scammers Have Developed a Curious Habit of Capitalising nearly Every Word.

I've seen quite a few of these already, with a number of Gmail contact addresses. The "from" addresses are always random and irrelevant, but the Gmail contact addresses (in the message body) have been specifically created for the scam. Addresses seen so far are as follows.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: [redacted (false, random)]
Date: 2008/10/20 UTC
Subject: Looking for Second Job or Extra Income? Read.
To: [redacted (privacy)]

Greetings to Everyone! You Have a Lifetime Opportunity to Start making up to 1200 AUD per Week, Getting Paid Daily!

Successful company from Greece - TradeKey Community Works (TCW), Offers an Outstanding Job Position!

Please Take Couple Minutes to Discover This Amazing Opportunity That Will Change Your Life.

You, as an Australian Are Being Offered an Outstanding Job Position Called "Fund Operator"!

With Having Absolutely No Education and No Past Experience You Are able to Make up to 1200 AUD Weekly!

Here are Few Requirements Before You Apply:

1. This Offer is for Australians Only.
2. You Have to Have 2-3 hours of spare Time Monday-Friday.
3. You Have to be Enthusiastic About It and Be Able to Provide Us With Best Service.
4. No Past Experience Required/ No School Degree Required!
5. Be Able to Check E-mail 4-5 Times a Day and Stay in Touch With us Throughout the Day if Possible!

Company Itself is Based in Greece, although TradeKey is a Worldwide Corporation that Distributes Businesses All Over the World and We Represent
our Greece Location, Fairly Young, but Successful Organization. With the Help of Google Advertisements it Was
Possible to Deliver This Message to You! Nowadays Internet Makes it Possible for Us to Interact on a Whole New Level.

Full Information About Position Will be Given in Full Package that You Can Request by E-mail, See Below How to Request Full Package.

Some References about Position:

John Richardson states in "In Touch Weekly" magazine: "..TCW brings outstanding opportunity to Australia.."

Melissa Gorden states in "Forbes" magazine: "..With Internet, Anything Is Possible These Days..", talking about our job position.

Richard Gretski states in "Cosmopolitan" magazine: "..Single Moms and Students Can make Money Too..", talking about simplicity and reliability of position.

You Will be able to Start Working with Us within 24 hours After You Apply and be able to Start Making Money Immediately! Anybody can Do It, so Don't Hesitate
and Feel Free to Request Full Information, as It will Change Your Life, you will not Have to Worry About Finances Anymore!

If You'd like to Obtain More Information,
Please Request Full Information Package by Sending E-mail to:

with subject "Full Package". We Hope You Enjoy This Opportunity!

TCW Team.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Alison Wood, IDC Business Group

I've received half a dozen or so of these in the past half a day or so. They seem to be exactly the same scam as "David Samuels, Business Development", except that it's now "Alison Wood, IDC Business Group". Note in particular the similar email address used between the two scams. They are looking for mules to launder money for them, of course.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Alison Wood <[redacted (false, random)]>
Date: 2008/10/18 UTC
Subject: Best New Proposal!
To: [redacted (privacy)]

The  prospective commercial  society searches for new employees

If you  possess  4 free hours every week, a  minimal experience in  PC and free phone to which we can  contact you, you have  possibility to  start cooperation with us and  have more than 2000  $

If you are interested in our  vacancy, contact us by e-mail: and we will send you  further information.

 Respectfully yours

 IDC Business Group

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Internet Auction Service

This looks to be the exact same scam as "International Auctioneers Group" operating under a slightly different name. The associated domain name was registered little more than one day ago, and was last updated only hours ago.

Domain ID:D154468340-LROR
Domain Name:IAS-JOBS.ORG
Created On:14-Oct-2008 22:52:08 UTC
Last Updated On:15-Oct-2008 19:24:13 UTC
Expiration Date:14-Oct-2009 22:52:08 UTC
Sponsoring, Inc. (R1248-LROR)
Registrant ID:orgsl24024725840

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: [redacted (false, random)]
Date: 2008/10/16 UTC
Subject: Current Open Position
To: [redacted (privacy)]

Internet Auction Service provides business support, retail distribution, franchise operations, direct sales, and a variety of auction as well as accounting and billing services. We are currently recruiting for the positions of Virtual Office Assistants in Australia and New Zealand, part-time and full-time available. The positions focus on providing administrative assistance in online sales. Part-time and full-time positions available: Part-time: 3 hours per day during either one of these shifts: 9:00am-12:00pm 11:00am-2:00pm 12:00pm-3:00pm 2:00pm-5:00pm Full Time: 6 hours per day during either one of these shifts: 9:00am-3:00pm 11:00am-5:00pm Salary: Part-time: $1,500/month plus commission Full-time: $3,000/month plus commission Professional Qualities: - Customer focused decision maker - Demonstrates a high level of personal accountability - Thinks about the team first over personal agendas - Learning adaptive - Process driven Basic Requirements for Virtual Office Assistant: - Internet Access - Microsoft Office - Basic Accounting skills If you are interested in this position please send us an email to expressing your interest and we will forward you the detailed job description and the agreement. Best regards, IAS Team

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Allco Finance Group (Impostors)

Some scammer in Nigeria (IP address is pretending to represent an Australian company called "Allco Finance Group". The company exists, but Mr so-called Kenneth Steven of the email address and UK +4470 "redirect anywhere" telephone number has nothing to do with them. The only job this guy can offer you is "scam victim".

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: 2008/10/8

Good day,
 Your email was forwarded  to us from the JOB-BANK And we want to know if you are still Job Hunting. Get back to us if you are interested and have 1hr Internet  access .So that we can give you the details of the job to be done. We hope to hear from you soon.

Mr Kenneth Steven.

Dr Cho Fat

Mr (or is it "Dr"?) Cho Fat is visiting Nigeria, apparently, or so his originating IP address ( suggests. Either that, or this is just another lying Nigerian scammer looking to sucker Americans into cashing forged checks or money orders on his behalf.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Dr Cho Fat <[redacted (presumed false)]>
Date: 2008/10/8 UTC
Subject: Collection Officer Needed Urgently

We are presently searching for Representatives/Collection Agents who
can help us establish a medium of getting to our customers in the Americas,
precisely USA and Canada and Europe as well. If interested, Please
contact me on

Respectfully Submitted,

Mr. Cho Fat

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Emerald Fabrics

Here's an odd thing. For reasons that I no longer recall, I requested more information from an employment scammer claiming to be Ashley Furniture last month. I didn't get a response back, but now I note that this "job offer" (which claims to be in response to my "initial requesting") is also using a reply address, just like the Ashley Furniture scam was. The Ashley Furniture scam has been listed on this blog for about a year now, so perhaps the scammer figures it's time for a name change?

The "from" address in this scam is a tad suspicious. The domain "" was registered on 31-Aug-2008, and the authoritative nameservers for the domain (based on WHOIS data) claim that the domain doesn't exist. I think we should assume that it's been registered by a scammer until proven otherwise.

I should mention, for the sake of completeness, that this scammer is not actually named "Mark Johnson" and does not represent a company called "Emerald Fabrics". He's a scammer that wants you to cash forged cheques for him so he can rip you off. Everything else is a cover story to hide that fact.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Mark Johnson <>
Date: 2008/10/7
Subject: Government Approved !!! Part-Time Job Offer !!!


If you are interested get back with this information requested:



Yours Faithfully,
Mr. Mark Johnson
Payment Officer,
Emerald Fabrics
Gallery Road, Dulwich Village,
London SE21 7AD

Email all the information requested to:

Friday, October 03, 2008

WWM (Kelly Harris)

This is a little bit new. It's just a reshipper scam, but it targets Australians, and provides an Australian phone number (probably one of those numbers that you can forward anywhere for a fee). Be careful, Aussies, this is a scam that I usually see targeted at Americans. The scammers want to purchase things using stolen credit cards and have them shipped locally so as to reduce suspicion. They will then pay you to forward the goods internationally -- but you'll be guilty of trafficing stolen goods.

I have no idea what WWM is supposed to stand for at this point in time. Post comments if you have further information.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: [redacted (false, random)]
Date: 2008/10/2 UTC
Subject: Make good money with WWM!
To: [redacted (privacy)]

The company of WWM offers you an opportunity to have an
additional income working form home.

WWM is an international company that provides mail and parcel
forwarding services on a world scale. Being a prosperous organization
with a continuing expansion in its business WWM is constantly employing
individuals who are interested in the position of Correspondence Agent.
Carrying out simple tasks for only a few hours a week appears to be
profitable and beneficial; in addition to that this job does not
require any special skills or education.

Job description:
- receiving mail or packages sent to your personal address
- checking correspondence items for external defects and repacking packages when it is necessary
- forwarding received correspondence to its proper destination place via a courier delivery service

Note! All the expenses for correspondence forwarding are covered.

- be 18 years old
- be a citizen of the Australian
- be able to respond to e-mails and phone calls every 24 hours
- be financially responsible for handling correspondence

The payment corresponds to the amount of packagesmail forwarded within
a set period of time; it is $40 per item!

For immediate consideration send your resume to

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns:
phone: +61 2 8005 6913


Kelly Harris,
Advertising manager