Job scam quick guide: it's a scam if...

  • they want you to collect and forward money in any way (a "money mule" job). You'll wind up engaged in money laundering, personally defrauded via expertly forged cheques, money orders, etc, or defrauding someone else who pays for goods that never arrive.
  • they want you to receive packages and reship them somewhere else. The goods will have been obtained fraudulently, and they're just using you to make the shipping address appear local. You will be aiding fraud.
  • they want up-front payment (either to them or someone else) of any sort for anything before you can get the job. This is advance fee fraud: there is no job -- it's just a big con to extract money from you.
  • they want you to buy any kind of "membership" or "kit" in order to start. Forget it -- it's not a real job at all: they're trying to sell you something, and they're probably making a bunch of other false claims about it if they're pitching it as a "job".
  • it's a job offer, and it's spam. There are LOTS of these scams about, as you can see.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Preston Logistics

This job is a reshipping scam. Usually this means that the scammers purchase a whole bunch of stuff on stolen credit cards, have it shipped to the "employee", and have the employee reship it overseas to them. If anyone has been suckered into doing this, please tell us (anonymously) where you were asked to ship it, because it's interesting to know where the crooks are. I'm not sure whether to guess West Africa or the Former Soviet Union in this case, but I'll wager on the latter.

   Domain Name: PRESTON-LOGISTICS.COM <-- scam
   Whois Server:
   Referral URL:
   Name Server: NS1.LEXHOST.INFO
   Name Server: NS2.LEXHOST.INFO
   Updated Date: 05-jun-2007
   Creation Date: 03-jun-2007 <-- new
   Expiration Date: 03-jun-2008

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: [redacted]
Date: 07-Jun-2007 23:36
Subject: Work at home job vacancy from Preston Logistics

About our company:

Preston Logistics is a supply chain, logistics, and transportation management firm specializing in
helping clients control costs and to optimize their overall distribution and supply chain operations.
Founded in 1974, we unite the resources of experienced logistics consultants with high-quality,
reputable transportation and warehousing companies to deliver solutions that specifically
accommodate each client's unique operations and needs.

Our customers are the main reason for our existence and we intend to keep them thoroughly
satisfied by operating in a manner that furthers their business interests. By constantly listening and
providing continuous feedback to our customers, we identify their needs and effectively translate
these into customer-specific logistics services. As our highest priority, our work will fully support our
clients' business objectives.

Great opportunity for you at a intercontinental company Preston Logistics, seeking a responsible individuals.
Our company need US pang a responsible individuals to become professionals in processing packages
with digital equipment and documents.

Correspondence assistant/manager position (work at home)


- Resident of The United States;
- Basic knowledge of Microsoft Word;
- Home Computer with e-mail account and ability to check your e-mail box at least twice a day;
- Printer;
- Adults only accepted
- 1-3 hours free during the week (mainly in the evening /
non-business hours) for communication and 4-5 hours a week more for
package processing;
- Ability to handle packages weight up to 20 pounds(get them to the post office).

Job description:

1. Receive the correspondence from our partners (US sellers) to his/her
residential address or alternative address (office and etc) ;
Correspondence will be delevering from 9:30 am - 17:00 pm
Via UPS FEDEX or DHL you need sign for packages.

2. Checking package contents for missing parts. Report to manager if something is wrong.

3. Our manager will email you prepayed shipping labels in word 2003 format.
You will need to download shipping labels and print.

4. Go to your local USPS post office (you can check office location on http://USPS.COM)
and ship the package ( You do NOT need to pay for shipping, shipping labels are already prepayed).

5. Report to your personal manager that package(s) are shipped.
First month we offer $40.00 for each shipped out box and 4-10 packages per week.
After first month we will pay $50.00 for each box and ~ 15 - 20 packages per week.
Our company pays Every 4 weeks.

Do you want to earn extra income without leaving your current job? Would you like to change your
lifestyle for the better? Wouldn't you want making money in the convenience of your own home?
Turn your spare time into the real money? Then our proposition is for you. You will work with a
team of highly motivated people, all working from home online. Your work will be paid without any delays.

If you're interested in this position please fil our registration form:

Best regards
Albert Oper
Preston Logistics Љ 2007


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this. I just got this e-mail message, which looked a little fishy. The Web site adds an air of credibility, but it just looked too good to be true. Yours is the only site I could find that totally unmasks this scam.

Anonymous said...

Well Done!!! everyone is more cautious when it comes to these blaton attempts to rob you blind. Hopefully everyone does there homework this is the latest recieved JUNE 12

Would you be interested in a home job that allows you to earn up to $10000 per month? No start up fees, no "envelope stuffing" nonsense.

We proudly present AMATO Logistics' CEO

The job we offer will not affect your present career, it will only take a small part of your time.
The only things you need to have to start running your business with our company are reliable Internet/E-mail access and checking/savings bank account.
And of course your decency and willingness to earn.

The first vacancy is Transfer manager:
The nature of the job is payment processing.
It is related to online banking operating the funds from either our company or our partners to designated bank account approved by our
manager keeping specified money transaction fee as a commission for your services (usually between $150 to $500, no less than $150 per transfer).

You will receive the funds which our customers/resellers send directly to you and forward it to us or our agents (less your commission)via one of chosen money transfer agencies.
The job is rather simple and you won't need any special knowledge to become our partner, though we do require that you are able to act on a very short notice.
We can afford to pay such a decent commission only because we keep our customers happy with our promptness.

And the second is Shipment manager:
The job we offer is related to mail. It is an easy part time job that doesn't require leaving your main occupation.
You will be receiving mail and packages for our clients, either repack them or ship them further out following our manager’s instructions.

For those who look for career opportunities it's a chance of becoming a part of our team in the future (based on your performance),
team in which you will be highly respected and decently rewarded - just think about this! We will be hoping to hear from you soon.

If you would like to get our application form please email us with your request. No fees are asked, just leave your contact details: "

Write us to:

We would appreciate your continued patronage and get in touch with you soon. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Do you really think this is scam?
I do not. I work with Preston for about 1 year and NEVER ever had any abuse.

Guys, your blog is scam. You are just competitors of Preston...

Michael Turner
El Paso, TX

Spotter said...

Every now and then the scammers post comments pretending to be their own best customers. "" was only registered this month. Anyone who claims to have been working for them a whole year needs to explain this anomaly, otherwise it's safer to assume they're a lying scammer.

Spotter said...

I have a separate blog entry for the Amato Logistics scam (which is quite similar to this, of course).

Ash said...

Man, this is a hot scam. They just make pretty websites and, yeah, they do appear credible.

I discovered this one wasn't after reading their BS accolade concerning Great Clips awarding them for their innovation. I googled the name listed as the CEO (Rhoda Olson, I believe) and saw K2 Logistics claimed the same.

Is this the new 419'r?

Anonymous said...

Ever since posting on career builder I get more and more scams like this, check out my letter.

"My name is Carol Belmonte. I am the manager of the Logistic Solutions Co, which can be found at . Recently I've examined your resume on At the moment we need an agent in your state and your resume looks attractive. You have several qualifications and based on your job history you look trustworthy enough for this position. I’d like to proceed to an online interview, and send you a contract to read over and sign. Once returned to me, we can proceed to the interview process.

To provide some information about the position, I’d like to start off with the logistics of the way our business works. Our company participates in transactions with Ebay, Online stores (, etc) and it is a common matter that a buyer and a seller are in different parts of the world and it does not meet with our clients requirements to use international wires, paypal, or other such methods of payment, as they are in process from one week up to one month. That is why we would like to hire some employees that can deal with the money transfers between the buyer and the seller.

The job description is as follows:

Your responsibilities will be:

- Check your e-mail two times a day to verify incoming transactions. This must be done, and you must send us a confirmation e-mail at least twice a day to verify when you checked your mail.
- Once a week, visit your bank to receive money transfers, and resend it to our clients via another transfer system. We prefer you use Western Union.

Your compensation will be:
1. You will receive 5% from each transaction, up to a limit of $1700 per your probationary month.
After your probationary month your salary will be $2500-$3000 depending on the jobs you receive.

2. You can receive 7% from each transaction but it is necessary for you to register an independent company(Limited Liability Company) and to open a corporate account. You can make up to 5000 but the introductory fees are 300 in your state to form a LLC.

Your commissions, which are 5-7% of every transaction and depend on the quantity of completed transactions and the speed of your work. Normally the amounts that we process vary from $5,000 to $35,000, but can go higher on special occasions. For your convenience, there will be no paycheck. Just leave the commission in your bank account directly after each transfer.

According to US laws you are not required to pay taxes on bank transactions. If you wish to file a 1099 for any work given to your LLC, it will be your responsibility.

To apply for the job, visit

If you have any questions , please do not hesitate to email me at

Human Resources

1220 Chadsworth Ct


VA 22102

(703) 972-9139

Best Regards,
Carol Belmonte

Spotter said...

I've created a separate entry for "Logistic Solutions" here.

TRiPLER said...

What about boundary logistics?

Spotter said...

You'll have to post more information than just a name -- but assume that "anything logistics" is a scam if they're offering some kind of Internet-based work-from-home job (unless you have excellent evidence to the contrary).

Julia--Riverside, CA said...

I received an email very similar to those posted from a Carlos Represas. The email was well written and the website provided as well as attached job application appeared legitimate. I filled out the application and sent it back with my resume. The responding email was horribly written and raised serious red flags for me. He said that you do not need to check the packages (i.e. open them) but merely need to examine the exterior for irreparable damage and send it on its way to the next destination. THIS MAKES NO SENSE. Why would anyone pay people to look at the outside of a box and ship it somewhere else? What a crock. Don't waste your time filling out the application like I did. I am continuously saddened by the overwhelming amount of scam jobs I am contacted for.

Anonymous said...

I've been scammed :-( I worked for a company named Vesanto-Logistics and the same thing, I shipped packages for them but when it came time to pay me the rep was mia. WAS NEVER PAID. It appears that these scam artist just change the logistics name to continue scamming people - its a crying shame. DON'T FALL FOR IT!!!

Anonymous said...

I am in search of a job and vesanto messaged me from I sent in my resume and they forwarded me this:

Thank you for your letter. We are happy to inform that we can offer
you a position of Processing Manager in our company.

You will find the Activity Details and the Application Form attached.
Please, carefully study the details and fill in the Application Form.
Send your application via E-mail:
We will contact you after receiving your Application Form.
Hope for effective cooperation

Best regards, Duncan Bauer

"Device Logistics" Ltd.
Linnankatu 7
Tel.: +358 823-711-188

Processing Manager


Device Logistics Ltd. is a medium sized company, which mainly deals with the distribution of electronic equipment throughout the Europe and the USA. The demand for this kind of deliveries is constantly growing and our company has a good reputation in this field of logistics. We always deliver high quality and competitively priced products to our customers.

Our company has a lot of branches all over the world and during workweek we accumulate huge amount of packages in different corners of the Earth. Sometimes it becomes difficult to deliver all the packages in time using only our branches and staff. That’s why our logistics department introduced practice of using independent individuals to supervise deliveries in specific regions. These individuals are officially placed in our company to a position of Processing Manager.

Activity details

Processing Manager is very important for our company because he inspect the quality of incoming orders, provide analytical reports and certify that our customers receive only high-class goods. Your duties as Processing Manager include:

- receiving a packages (it may be any kind of small or mid sized electronics or clothes). The packages will be delivered to the address specified in your Application Form.

- checking the goods for defects (visually inspect the physical shape)

- packing up the goods for further transportation

- sending the packages through the carrier company (DHL, UPS, USPS or FEDEX)

You will also receive a special Label form via E-mail which contains such details as: Sender’s and Recipient’s information for further transportation and this form also serve as a payment for carrier company services. To sum up, your job as Processing Manager is to receive the delivery from the courier, unpack the package, remove any paper from the box, leaving only the goods in their original package and check the packages for physical damages, then pack up the goods and send them through the carrier company with the Label attached, you will receive the Label via E-mail. After sending the goods, you will take the receipt from the carrier company office, scan it and send to your manager via E-mail with your report considering the damages if any occurred.

You will receive your payment in any convenient way. Processing Manager receives $1,800 (one thousand eight hundred) monthly salary and additional bonus of $30.00 (thirty) for every sent parcel. Company covers all postal expenses. Salary with bonuses is paid to the Processing Manager every 30 days from the date of receiving the first Invoice.

This is official work. Your Application will be examined and if you will be approved for a position of Processing Manager we will send you the Agreement which is need to be signed by both parties.

Job placement

Complete the Application Form attached to this letter and send to our staff department via E-mail. We will contact you in several days to let you know about the decision. Hope for effective cooperation.

I thought it was weird that after seeing my background they were not atleast willing to call me. I went on their website and it didnt seem complete so upon doing a search on google I found this page and saw someone calling them a joke..

Anonymous said...

Just received an email from "Device Logistics" Ltd. of Finland, Oulu, Linnankatu 7
Tel.: +358 823-711-188
E-mail: I had answered a job posting on Career Builder. They even called to explain the job. All documents they sent look truly legal, except when they send you the last one asking for all types of account information so their clients will know where to deposit the money. And, yes, funds needed to be sent via Western Union within 24 hours. It all looked good but I was not comfortable with it and then did some searching and found all the information posted here. Thank you for posting and I have sent them a note to take me off their list.

Anonymous said...

This email was sent through but shot into my junk-mail. Just another form of the most low-down, gut-wrenching, & despicable fraudulent job offers floating around.
My CareerBuilder Find Jobs Job Recommendations Post Resumes Advice & Resources

Job Snapshot
Job Title: State Logistics manager
Job Type: part-time
Experience: Not Specified
Base Pay: $2600
Relocation: United States
Posted: December 06 2011
Ref ID: DEF - 1339442332

More and more chain stores in USA, Canada and Europe offer their customers pick up services. The main advantage of this service is promptness of getting an order and the ability to order on-line. Unfortunately not everybody has an opportunity to use this service offered by the stores, while they are located far from their place of residence, but still more and more people want to benefit from the pick-up service.

That is why we are permanently looking for candidates to the position of State logistics manager, whose main responsibilities include: picking up the items prepaid by our clients from the chain-stores, that have pick-up service Walmart, Cabelas, etc., sorting, repacking and then sending out to our Rediret managers in other countries.

Position requires no special experience. Qualified supervisors will train each candidate to get this job. We are searching for bright people and honest one and we're hiring all over the USA except Alaska and Hawaii .

Be sure, working with us is great perspective for your career.


• 21 years and up

• Residents of the United States or Canada

• Fluent English

• no previous criminal record

• home computer with e-mail account and ability to check your e-mail box at least four times a day.

• telephone availability 8a.m. - 5p.m.

• ability to work with great care is required

• 4-7 hours per week to communicate; 4-8 hours per week to pick-up and handle packages

If you are interested and would like to apply for this position, email us your resume and your possible questions at:

Mike said...

Thank you for your letter. I received a CV from you on 14th of
December in response to our job proposal. I do apologize for the
delay due to the New Year holidays, but now I am ready to provide all
the information to you. We are happy to inform that we can offer you
a vacant position of Regional Agent in your area. You will find the
Activity Details and Application Form attached.

Please, carefully study the details and fill in the Application Form.
Send your application via E-mail:
I will contact you by phone after receiving your Application Form.
Thank you and I hope for effective cooperation.

Best regards, Duncan Bauer

"Logone" Ltd.
2886 Luxembourg
Rue de la Poste
Tel.: +352 208-812-08

SCAM!!!...Thanks 4 the blog, it helped me a lot


Georgiana said...

Hi Mike!
How did you find out for sure that Logone was a scam?

Spotter said...

I'm not sure what tipped him off. Maybe it was the fact that the registration of is less than a year old, and lists some Russian guy using a hotmail address as the owner. So... Luxembourg-based business, or Russian scammer? You decide.

Anonymous said...

hi, i signed already a contract with logone logistics, Duncan Bauer, and i alreagy did my first tranzaction that brought me 290 euro. I don t know what to say, because the bank now blocked my account and they want to brake our relations. So it is soo weird...!

Anonymous said...

New version of the same scam:


At this moment we are searching for people to the Agent post.

A fast-developing United States Company Forwarding-Group is receiving, repacking, consolidation and resending the post correspondence all over the world.

As Employee's duties are: receiving the packages items to your address; analysis of the items; photographing the received correspondence, scanning/photographing paperwork; repacking the boxes; sending the items to the customers with the prepaid shipping labels.

You will get $1200 a month, plus you will get $40 for each handled shipment.

Requirements are:
- US resident or valid US work permit
- 3-5 hours of free time in the period from 8 a.m. till 5 p.m. every workday
- access to PC, Internet, printer
- skill to solve conflict situations
- skill to work with confidential information
- ability to do the job quickly
To get more details about this opportunity, please email us at .
Duncan Bauer

Anonymous said...

Just received the same email today from Duncan Bauer although it had another person's email address listed as recipient. I am deleting my information with Career Builder as that seems to be where the problem is coming from.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Has any1 heard about globox logistics llc? I got an email from them a month ago. They look legit. Please fill me up if any1 knows anything abt them

Spotter said...

A name like "Globox Logistics" isn't enough to go on. After all, even if there is a legitimate company by that name, how can you be sure that the people who have contacted you actually represented it? What is the email address they use for contact? Do they claim to have a website? What clues do you have as to their actual identity, other than their word for it?

Having said that, I'd be willing to lay ten-to-one odds that "Globox Logistics LLC" is a scam, even without further information. I've yet to see anyone ask about a job offer from a company calling itself something-or-other Logistics that isn't a scam.

Anonymous said...

How do I confirm if they are legit? They have a wesite and a portal for ppl who work for them. Everything on there looks legal and real.

Anonymous said...

This company is listed under BBB. They are not accredited but neither is google.

Spotter said...

Scammers also have legit-looking websites with portals for people to work for them. They make more money when they don't look like obvious scams.

If you'd supplied the address of the website, I may have been able to give you more detailed information. In lieu of that, I'll just go with my gut instinct and say you're probably walking into a trap.

Anonymous said...

Here is the address

Spotter said...

That address was registered anonymously late November last year, making it highly suspicious. The job description fits the profile of a reshipper scam. They probably purchase things from US merchants on stolen credit cards, and tell the merchant to ship the goods locally (within the USA) in order to reduce suspicion. The reshipper then forwards them on overseas. For one thing, the job involves aiding and abetting fraud, and for another thing, the fraudsters aren't all that likely to actually pay you anyhow.

PhiL Koster said...

Ive gotten the same email from Globox and they actually sent me an app and a contract.....they also have an address and a company stamp with a tax id # on it.....and obviously you are an independent contractor with no real tie to the company......basically the only personal thing they ask for besides basic info is drivers license # and if you have a PayPal account.....even if they dont pay you....whats to stop you from keepin the items that are sent?

Anonymous said...

I went through the same process with globox and apparently tommorrow is the day I get paid. Lets see if I really do. They have this cool control panel which tells you about your completed and future tasks and also your account balance.

Anonymous said...

Yes please update if you are paid. I have filled the application out with globox and have not shipped anything as of yet. just want to see if it is worth my Time

Spotter said...

"even if they dont pay you....whats to stop you from keepin the items that are sent?"

Repo men, or possibly police. Fraud is fraud, and the merchants know your address.

Anonymous said...

Its official. Globox Logistics is a scam. I got to know this the hard way. Wasted my gas delivering their packages to the post office. I m thankful I am out. It could have been worse. Whoever is approached my globox, don't take up the offer. Its a scam. And don't even think of keeping the packages. They know your adress and have your info. Globox look legit and legal but trust, its not. They are fake. Trust me. I am a victim

Spotter said...

The same scammers will be back next month under a different, freshly made-up name. You can't avoid scams by remembering the names of the bad guys, because they keep changing names (and using other people's names). You have to recognise them by the pattern of work they offer. You should assume that ANY job which involves being a middle-man for transferring money or physical goods is a scam unless you have VERY good evidence to the contrary.

Sashia said...

Thank you. I have recently been scammed by Trustway Logistics. The first email they sent me was: Dear Me,
My name is Marcy Crawford, the Human Resources Manager of MMT Logistics.
We have obtained your resume from and if you still need the job, please email me back.
Marcy Crawford

I have looked at what you have posted and they have done the same thing. They said they have sent the first package but because I read this, I have told them not to send anymore. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Seems the newest name for the company is Open Logistics I received the initial email last week claiming they had selected me, because of my resume on They have a professional quality website. However, I cannot find any information regarding the company online. Red flags, bells, & whistles resounded as I read the email with growing suspicion. I mean REALLY; they are supposed to be a logistics company! Why would they need home workers to re-ship packages that were previously lost or misdirected? So, here's a copy of the job description: looking for a
right person for Logistics Coordinator position. As Logistics
Coordinator you will manage the delivery department from your home and
your main task will be monitoring the flow of internal correspondence
and packages. To complete this task we need an employee whose
responsibilities will include controlling our internal mail stream.
This stream will consist of mail pieces containing different kinds of
documents which can not be sent by fax or other communication means
when such documents may be exposed to an external party due to their
strictly confidential nature. Also, as we use rewards system for our
more than 6,000 employees to reward them for their achievements, you
will be responsible for forwarding our employees' gifts weighting not
more than 18 lbs as well as forwarding previously lost letters and
packages weighting not more than 42 lbs. Our practice shows that about
90 percent of the mail and packages declared lost in transit and is
being recovered at a later stage. And, as our company is maintaining
high standard quality of our services, we are paying great attention
to establishing good relationships with our customers. Having this in
mind we are trying to deliver every recovered item to its owner right
after it has been recovered. This task will involve you in forwarding
such packages to their owners or further in our delivery chain.
Briefly I should say that your part will be receiving all the postage
mentioned above, repack them with wrapping paper if necessary and ship
them out to the correct receiver. This position doesn't require any
investment from your pocket. Mail shipment is prepaid and you get
prepaid shipping labels for every package. We also provide you with
wrapping material and supplies before you get the first 'wrapping'
Thank you for posting information regarding such scams. You have confirmed my suspicions & given me insight into the big picture.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know about wtl logistics? is the email account and everytiime I get an email the send it by differnt name ie: jerry sykes, linda holloman, sharon ramesy. Want to know what's up

Spotter said...

It's a scam. That's what's up. Scammers use a big pool of names so that it's harder to identify them. If they're silly enough to use multiple names while talking to one person, however, it makes it kind of obvious that they're filthy liars.

Anonymous said...

Well the new scam is something called Tomexsa Logistics, Inc. I was pretty much approached the same with a job posted on After getting a email saying that I have reached the qualifications and they sent me 3 files containing FAQ's Employment Form, and the nature of the business which is to send packages once they get to me. The name they are using is John Walker as Human Resources Manager. They said "I will be paid threw pay pal, western union with no taxes taking out. I was dying laughing I couldn't do anything but laugh. They also sent a Business certificate "which was normal lol" of the company do you know at the end of it where they had the company's name printed it stated Tomexsa Logistics Ink.. <<That is not a typo Ink., not Inc., but Ink.. Man I needed a cigarette afterwards from laughing so hard.

Anonymous said...

After reading these posts, OBVIOUSLY another new SCAM name for the company is ZERTOG LOGISTICS out of Warsaw, Poland. Website is
I was notified via email to send them my resume & then I was sent a Microsoft Word form of an application to fill out & send back. I checked out the website MANY times, Googled names & everything I thought might give me results about a successful company. Tried to check them out with the BBB but got no international results besides Canada. Saw a few RED FLAGS but still thought it may be legit. Thanks to EVERYONE before me that posted their experience!!! I know one thing: GOD works in mysterious ways; these scammers will get theirs some day, it will catch up to them........

Jerry H said...

I found this blog while trying to research if "Zertog Logistics" is legit. Just like the post on July 25, 2013, I received the same info that they did. Location is out of Warsaw, Poland. Wanted me to mail packages that were shipped to my home address. The money seemed too good to be true.

misskriss87 said...

What about C&S Logistics Solutions?? and the HR was Miroslav Horak via saw my resume on career builder and offered me as a position as a logistics manager that is home based.

Spotter said...

C&S Logistics Solutions looks exactly like a typical reshipper scam. Their website is way nicer than most scams, but note that their "Vacancy" page says that they have been doing this kind of thing for more than three years, whereas their domain name ( was only registered in April this year. Steer clear of these scamming rats.

Anonymous said...

Miroslav Horak via
Dear Applicant,

We are happy to inform that you have successfully passed the preliminary selection among the applicants on www.С

C&S Logistics Solutions has reviewed your resume and would like to offer you a home-based position with our company as a Logistics Manager. We strongly believe that your knowledge, skills and experience will be an asset to our company.

Job title: Logistics Manager
Salary: $2,375/Month + bonuses
Hours: Part-time (Monday - Friday)

Main duties and responsibilities will include but are not limited to:

1. To manage incoming and outgoing shipments.
2. To correspond by email and phone with a supervisor.
3. To keep online shipment tracking program up-to-date.

If you are interested in this position, please respond to our email as an acceptance to our offer.

We look forward to a successful working relationship with you in the near future.

Yours faithfully,

HR Department
C&S Logistics Solutions

I received this email and have not found any other complaints or information until I seached using via bbi niternational look legal. C & S doesn't show up with BBB. I know home base job exist I just quit one.

Anonymous said...

This is a scam--I just got this same letter today. CareerBuilder seems to be their job site of choice.

Anonymous said...

thank you I just got an email from C&S, nice to know some people are still looking out for those of us desperate to work.

Anonymous said...

I found this site cause I also got an email from Miroslav Horak. I suspected it was a scam and googled "C & S Logistics scam" and found this site. Wonder what the scam is? I know they are asking for personal information.

Anonymous said...

I too received this offer and I did register, luckily I didn't give my social, but I worry about what they will do with the information I did give. What exactly is the scam from C & S Logistic Solutions?

Anonymous said...

I also received a follow-up interview.....definately felt shady and couldn't find the phone number or C & S Logistics Solutions as an accredited company. I worry though about the personal information they already have of mine, here is the phone number to help shut these scams down (206) 201-2452. Please advise!

Spotter said...

Most online scams which call themselves "something-or-other Logistics" are reshipper scams. They purchase goods online via fraudulent means, such as stolen credit cards, and want you to act as a shipping address because merchants are generally suspicious of international purchases. In short, they use reshipping agents to increase their success rate at conducting fraud. You don't want to be their "employee" under any circumstances.

james green said...

I work for them too, Today is my actual 31st day so I'm expecting to get paid did you ever get paid by the company

james green said...

I been working for c&s logistics solutions for a month and today supposed to be my payday, and I haven't gotten paid yet. I signed the contract from the lawfirm Hampton barstow and pelham. I sent packages update the shipping information from the control panel. I'll talk to my supervisor like every other day. So it seems legit, but not until I officially get paid. I called the lawfirm but it goes directly to their voicemail. Any help? I keep calling my supervisor but no answer. I'm getting really frustrated.

Anonymous said...

Well I too have been scammed by this:( the scammer this time however went under the name of vision logistical solutions.....I received packages and printed labels and all of them went to Moscow Russia. ...October 16 was supposed to be my "pay date" and I never received a sad....I'm a single mom n this money could've really helped my family:(

Spotter said...

It's a scam. Even if they paid you, they would do it with stolen money or a forged check. Chalk this one up to experience, and don't get suckered again. Reshipper jobs are scams -- all of them -- end of story.

Brad Coop said...

This question is for James Green,

I also started with this C&S company I wanted to see if you had been paid or not. I could use the extra income but if it's fake then I am done?

james green said...

To Brad Cooper. Its a scam! I sent them tons of emails and called numerous times. No reply. I couldn't even access the control panel yesterday. Now I can today. It's not real even the law firm one of the so called lawyers is an real estate agent/lawyer. I say keep the stuff and take it to a pawn shop. Fuck it! But they are bogus as hell!!!!

Spotter said...

I strongly advise against trying to sell or otherwise profit from goods that have been purchased fraudulently using your home as a shipping address (which is what's really going on here). Refuse delivery of the goods if you can, or hold them for collection if you can't. The rightful owners will probably want them back sooner or later, and they probably have the law on their side.

Anonymous said...

I got the same offer I knew it was a scam so I took their goods. One MacBook pro one hp touch smart and an apple iPad. And 4 iPhone S. They thought they was going to fool me lol. An

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem with another company & I signed the contract with them but I don't want to be part of that after i viewed that the shipping info is by my name what is the next legal step to solve that problem? especially that they had a copy of my passport.

Spotter said...

If goods are being shipped to you, I recommend that you refuse delivery if you can (ask that the package be returned to sender because you believe that the goods have been obtained on false pretences), or simply hold them for future collection if you can't. If you have divulged passport information, it's probably prudent to act as you would if it were lost or stolen.

Anonymous said...

I received this e-mail and it was also from a resume that was posted on Career Builder: My first e-mail was sent form a company called Real Logistics, and then the same e-mail address was sent but with a different company name Global Logistics Solutions.

am a manager at RLS.

Our company RLS is a logistics company, which acts as the middle man in the buying and shipping orders process. The items are bought in the U.S. from other countries then shipped overseas to whomever the buyer might be. Why is our company needed? There are many companies that do not ship to other countries outside of the U.S. because the international fees can become very high based on the product that is bought. Instead, what the companies do is they hire shipping companies like us that do the logistics work for them. The transportation specialist responsibility will be managing the orders for us. This particular position is Home Based that is part-time. You will receive support along the process for the first month that you are employed.
Let me know if you are insterested, I will answer your questions
and provide you with more details on how to start etc.

Best regards,
Real Logistics Solutions

Anonymous said...

I received an email from Victoria Townsend on behalf of NEOVIO LOGISTICS telling me about a juicy job offer of reshipping stuff.
It looked too good to be true and the lady kept on sending me mail convincing me.
Being the smart guy I am,I googled NEOVIO LOGISTICS SCAM and was brought here..
Thank you guys,you saved my broke self

Latoya Jones said...

They sent me a camera today from Florida then ask me to send to new York that don't sound rite I kept it Cuz I know it was fraud n the guy whoever Scott McMurry is gone be pissed Cuz they r ordering up high tech stuff n his name

Anonymous said...

Seems they're using Trast Logistics to hit AUS and NZ at the moment. Wen to thei website which while pretty has no content whatsoever - number one flag. Number two flag - Western union transfer -always used by scammers - number three flag, the amount of personal info they want from me - all about being able to find me nothing to do with being able to find them. number four flag earn between $1500 and $4000 a month to reship packages - may not be drugs but will most definitely be illegal.
Final Flag - this website. save yourself the heartache and ignore it or have fun creating a fictional agent for them to send to... I most certainly am not afraid of them given the surveillance I have on them.

Anonymous said...

I have got slammed by a company called piaggigroupinc. Same thing its a scooter company i called the one in n.j and they told me they didn't have a clue. Was told i was getting paid through pay pal and never got a dime received merchandise credit cards gift cards and very expensive items. Please don't be fooled especially single mom's

Anonymous said...

Before reading all these comments I came SO CLOSE to sending all my personal info including photocopy of driver's license, employment history, etc., to a likely reshipper/forwarder scammer called from the netherlands supposedly.

I'm still waiting for a reply from the "real" 89 year-old Visbeen logistics company, which I think has no connection with these twerps and doesn't know their good name is being abused, to see if they know anything about the Logistics Agent position I was going to apply for.

It LOOKS so damn legitimate, the forms I downloaded are perfect, everything seems appropriate except a bunch of misspellings and grammar mistakes in the body of the emails-which you might expect from a non-English European.

But AFTER reading all your comments and warnings, it does seem like the money is a little too good to be true, even with all the reverse-reverse psychology these cheeseballs pull with our emotions.

So I probably won't waste Spotter's time by asking about the Visbeen version of the scam (unless he's already heard of it surfacing the last few weeks).

Seems like just the thing where I would innocently sign up, surrender all my personal ID info, get involved in shady stuff without knowing it, diligently do my (their) work for an entire month or so, never get paid for my efforts, and then get tossed like used toilet paper......only to be replaced by the next sucker coming along behind me, because there are a lot of suckers out there!

Sound familiar to any of you?

Catherine Moreno said...

Thanks to your Blog I didn't fall for it...The exact same MO and we are in 2014.

Dear Candidate,
Visbeen Company would like to inform you that we (HR dep.) have recently received your Resume.
Currently, your CV is under review in our HR department. While passing employment steps please learn more about our Company, and your future responsibilities. All required and helpful information is attached to this letter and located on our web site.
Please, read carefully Job Description, fill out Application Form and if conditions fits you, print out the paperwork out and sign it and send them back to us (scanned copies of Application form Employment agreement and scan copy of your ID (passport, driving licence, etc)).
All candidates who passed HR selection will have telephone interview with HR department representative before moving to a final step. If you will have any questions about our company, open vacancy or our working structure, feel free to apply to our on line manager and HR specialist will contact you shortly.
Best Regards
HR Support Team,

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard of Visbeen Company- position is Logistics Manager. Is this a legit company for receiving and shipping packages for working from home?

Spotter said...

Anything which involves "work at home" and "logistics manager" is basically guaranteed to be a reshipper scam. The name will just be something made up recently, because anything not sufficiently recent has a long line of easily-searchable scam reports on the Internet.

Anonymous said...

I have given these people my info and have been shipping for them for the past weeks. How can i be for sure this is a scam?

Anonymous said...

This is an email I was sent

Dear Candidate,
Visbeen Company is glad to inform you that we have received your Resume.
Currently, your CV is in process of reviewing by our experts. To complete hiring processes please learn more about our Company, and your future responsibilities. All required information is attached to this letter and located on our web site.
Please, read carefully Job Description, fill out Application Form and if all conditions are for you then please resend signed scanned copies of Application form Employment agreement and scan copy of your ID (passport, driving licence, etc).
All approved applicants should have telephone interview with HR department representative before hiring. If you have any questions about our company, open vacancy or our working structure, please send us an email and our representative will contact to you shortly.

Best Regards
HR Support Team,

Spotter said...

When they don't pay you, and the police come around asking about all the fraudulently purchased goods being shipped to your address, then you can be sure it's a scam. You probably want to quit before you get that kind of certainty, though.

Anonymous said...

I have been shipping for a company for several weeks. I just think it's to good to be true. I'm suppose to get paid next week. What should I do? This is one of the emails I was sent.

We received your contract paperwork to our sister branch some time ago.
Are you still interested in logistics part time job?
Please let me know and our HR manager will give you a call.
Thank you.

Christopher Addington
Online personal manager.
Kombi Verkehr US department.

I still have several packages that I haven't shipped yet. I would love some advice.


Anonymous said...

kombiverkehr group company scam!!!

Please beware of this company.
I have been shipping packages overseas and haven't received any paycheck as promised. I will be going to my local FBI office tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Did you go to the FBI? If so, what came of it?

Heather said...

Hi there, I am concerned about a job I've been offered. I am concerned it could be a scam. I am definitely interested in the job, but would like to know if anyone has any information about this specific company.

Logistic Solutions, Inc.
Piscataway, New Jersey

I applied for the job through a job website by sending them my resume and they found the resume. I have been offered a position with them. Here are the details of the job I was given.


1. Answer telephones

2. Create and modify documents using Microsoft Office.

3. Perform general clerical duties to include but not limited to: photocopying, faxing, mailing, and filing.

4. Maintain hard copy and electronic filing system.

5. Sign UPS/Fed Ex/Airborne packages.

6. Research, price and purchase supplies.

7. Assisting your superior attached to you, Setup and coordinate meetings and conferences.

8. Maintain and distribute weekly schedules.

9. Collect and maintain PC inventory.

10. Support staff Attached online to you and assigned project based work

They have stated I will have a week of training which includes orientation. I did find a website for them and it says they have been in business since 1993, looks pretty legit to me.

They have not asked me for any money.

Thanks, Heather

Spotter said...

No, that's not legit: it's a reshipper scam. They purchase goods on stolen credit cards, and have them shipped to you, because shipping them directly overseas would raise a red flag about the fraud. If you want more detail than that, you'll need to provide me with more information such as correspondents' email addresses and the websites that you looked at.

Heather said...

Hi Spotter.

Here is the email address they used and the website that seems to be attached to their address they say is their corporate office.

Thanks for all your help.

Spotter said...

Okay: the email address is just a Yahoo! webmail address. There's no evidence that the email address is in any way associated with the website. I strongly suspect that your correspondent is simply using that website as a cover story (i.e. lying about his association with it). It's a scam.

Heather said...

Thanks again for your advice. I greatly appreciate it. I had a feeling it was too good to be true, but you know. you sometimes hope its legit.

Steve said...

New spin on "Logistic Solutions" same as Heather's come-on (even same email addy). They send you a check (around $1,900) to buy computer hardware and ask (demand) that you immediately wire close to the same amount to a third party for the purchase. No doubt, the check is bogus and when returned you've had your clock cleaned. @ssholes.

Steve said...

Just filed a complaint to Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) I recommend that everyone do the same. Only enough noise will instigate a serious investigation. On my way to my bank as well.

Anonymous said...

Kombiverkehr group company is such scam!! I can't believe the amount of work some nut cases go through to scam people! They set up their scam like it was a legit business... I even looked them up to see if if any scams were with them and didn't see any, but low and behold, I find this blog and experience the same shit the other Anonymous person did! Reshipping is a scam no matter how they try to twist it... This is the same person I was dealing with and a Simon... I have his number and he blocks me because he knows it's a scam. Don't know if the FBI will do anything, but beware!

Christopher Addington
Online personal manager.
Kombi Verkehr US department.

Anonymous said...

The Shipping Store & GMX? Any info?

Anonymous said...

I Just received this one: via
6:49 PM (15 hours ago)

to me
Good day!

I am HR Manager of SCM Logistics. SCM Logistics helps purchasing different types of merchandise from US suppliers from any country in the world in an easy way.

We would like to offer you a part-time position:
Employee Type: Part-Time Employee;
Total Compensation: $38k+ annual;
Payment Basis: commission-based in the amount of $40 for each box you get and send out.

Ability to devote 1-4 hours per day to this job;
Ability to schedule working hours effectively Possibility to combine the job with primary employment;
Ability to use Internet and e-mail;
Ability to print out documentsprinter is required

SCM Logistics is looking for Logistics Manager in the United States. No relocation is required.

The income is commission-based, and it will typically require up to 6 hours per week to fulfil your duties. You should be able to perform your duties during regular
business hours. Your primary duty will be getting packages from US supplierslike HP, Tigerdirect, Zappos, sending them out and keeping communication with your personal manager. You will get paid $40 for each package received and shipped.

If you are interested in this job please reply to this message.

Best regards, Lauren Reeves
HR Manager, SCM Logistics

Unknown said...

I just got this today & the email is not even mine. This all showed up when I pulled up the sender details. It looks like it's the same people so they have still not been shut down.

from: Mollie Duran

date: Tue, Nov 3, 2015 at 7:42 AM
subject: Work!


Our firm is a full service logistics company known for providing personalized, end-to-end transportation, logistics, and warehousing services to our clients in Eu and US.

At the time, our company is looking for those wishing to occupy several key positions, including the place of Logistics Manager. Upon taking a close look at your resume at CareerBuilder, we found you competent enough to claim this job.

Applicant preferences:

* Basic PC user
* MS Office and Adobe Acrobat Reader user
* Knowledge of common household appliances
* Candidates that used to work with USPS or FedEx desired
* Sufficient health and strength to carry parcels weighing at 5-20 lbs

The position consists of accepting, addressing, labeling or stamping, and shipping packages or material; receiving, opening, verifying and making records of incoming and outgoing merchandise;

Logistics Manager responsibilities:

* Customer support
* Parcel sorting
* Mail cataloging

Please pay attention to the details below before contacting us via email.

Full-time job, 42 hr per week.

If this position is still of interest to you and if you think you can successfully carry out the obligations described above, please let us know by writing ONLY to this e-mail:

Within the next several days, our HR manager will get in touch with you and schedule an interview.

Anonymous said...

Did james green ever get paid?

Anonymous said...

What ended up happening?

Spotter said...

Judging by his last comment here, no, he didn't get paid. Reshippers rarely get paid: there's really not a lot of reason for the scammers to pay you. All the fraud leading to the reshipper's address means that a reshipper can't stay in operation very long without attracting attention from law enforcement, so a scammer may as well just use them for as long as they can, until either the reshipper gets caught, or quits in anger at not getting paid, whichever comes first. The scammer has to continuously recruit new suckers in either case, and that's why there's a never-ending stream of these bogus job offers out there. It's like recruiting kamikaze pilots.

JG said...

Nope guys I never got paid!

Ramajeet Kaur said...

Hi There,
Recently, i have got an offer from company called Logistic Solutions Inc based in New Jersey. The company doesn't exist on Wikipedia. They have offered me work from home and want me to come to Las Vegas for upcoming FKOM Conference. I am not sure, wheather this is a fake or NOT? They want me to send my details and get registered for FKOM conference. They are on LinkedIn but only 3 people. I think there is an Organisation by this name. but not sure about the people. Looking for a suggestion. Please help me out. contact me @

Ramajeet Kaur said...

if you want information- i can provide you. they are sending me mails from o; here is the emails from them:
As discussed today, here are the details to begin the process.

Please go to below link and create your account.

Upon registration, please complete form DS 160 and send it to me for review.
Most of the questions are personal information of yours. However, the form asks for LSI contact person’s name and contact details. Please use below info for it:

Priti Mody, HR Manager
216 Stelton Road Suite C3
Piscataway NJ 08854
Ph: 732 743 2300.

The form asks for the address where you will be staying in the US. Below is the address you can use. This address is very close to our NJ head office.

Extended Stay
410 S Randolphille Road
Piscataway NJ 08854.

You can Whatsapp me at 732 261 9086 if you have questions.

Best Regards,

Spotter said...

Sounds weird and suspicious, Ramajeet, but I'd need more detail to give you an informed opinion.

Ramajeet Kaur said...

please do let me know, which details you want, i have an offer later please do let me know, where i should send you?

Spotter said...

You should assume it's a scam unless you have good evidence to the contrary. If they want you to pay for anything AT ALL, or receive a check and use that money to pay for something, then it's a scam.

If you want a more informed opinion, forward me everything you've got, in as close to original format as possible:

Derrick Yeager said...

Similar Scam: 123-Logistics Solutions. BEWARE! Very much a scan.

Amber Sanders said...

MIA Group Logistics LLC company... is the same way I worked a month for them and when it came to pay no one could be reached

Amber Sanders said...

MIA Group Logistics LLC company is the same so I know how you feel

Unknown said...

MIA Group just did the same to me which is messed up you are right nobody can be reached been calling for weeks.

Ant said...

Hi Guys,

I think I've just fallen prey to this scam! But have not received goods just yet.

This was the email sent to me:

I am David from Upwork and I am contacting you as per our recent conversation.

Below is the complete information on the vacancy.
Please check all the information, read through the details and email me back if you feel the job is something you can perform. I would really like to start working together and hope we can build long term business relations together.

Your activity:

Your task will be market analyze, data entry and order processing.

You should go through the most popular German online stores for best deals, price discounts, other discounts and benefits. Also, it would be great to find the way to get contacts of directors or the owners of the web sites and I will pay extra bonuses for this information. From my side, I will also provide you the list of the web sites that should be discovered within the first month of our cooperation.

You should enter the information on the orders that you are going to receive to a web site. This is just a data entry part of a job but it is very important because it will help us to monitor all the orders in a proper way.

You should receive orders, check the content, fill in all the information to the web site and then ship the packages according to my instructions.

There will be two type of orders: paid by me and paid by my clients.

1. My orders will arrive to your address directly.
2. The orders, paid by my clients will be delivered to your nearest post office so you can come and collect them from there. I will provide all the required documentation in order to do so.

Regarding the expenses – I cover them all and do it in advance so you will just assist me without ay kind of the investment from your side.


€ 9 hourly wage for market research
€ 1100 + € 5 bonus/parcel for main order processing activity (each processed order delivered to your address);
€ 20 for each parcel collected from the post office location paid to you by paypal or bank transfer either for each order or at the end of the first payment period.

I am also absolutely fine to pay some amounts upfront and we can discuss it during our cooperation.

Payment and test period:

You will receive your first salary for the main order processing activity each 30 days starting from the date the test period ends. We will have a one week test period till you receive and process the first orders and know how to do everything. I will do my best to guide you through the process as quick as possible. So, for example, if we start on the 3rd of October, then the first salary will be paid to you in 37 days.
The payments for collected packages can be done either immediately to your paypal or together with other payments.
Preferred payment methods are paypal and bank transfer.

As I mentioned already I can make upfront payments and we can discuss each case personally.

Working hours:

Monday – Friday and sometimes Saturday. Flexible time frame that will depend on the orders time frame. You will have the advanced information on each order and will be able to make your schedule.

The required information:

First Name:
Last Name:
Date of Birth:
Post Code:
email address:

The vacancy seems to be an interesting venture and you will have a good and well paid job position for a long time.
Should you have any further questions, I am always at your disposal. We can discuss the details if you are not comfortable with something written above.

Best regards,
David Cheyanne
2 Penta Court, Station Road,
Elstree WD6 1SL

Anyway my question is what do I do now that I've given him my information and then found out this is a scam?

Spotter said...

Mostly, you should not perform the work they ask of you. Decline delivery of any parcels you can, and if they get left at your place without your consent, assume that the sender will eventually want the parcel back.

Anonymous said...

I have been in the same situation and i think it's the same person with different names ,
my guy was Garry Logan
the company :
Date duration 25-10-2016 -> 29-11-2016

Spotter said...

Yes, looks rather suspicious.

Anonymous said...

Here is one I got today, Except they had my name wrong and EC company doesnt exist from what i can see...Beware!
E.C. Company has recently launched a vacancy for Logistics Manager in Herndon. The position is remote, meaning you will be working from home.

Shall you take the position, you will have an opportunity to work with a flexible work schedule during business hours per your convenience. Additionally, you will be trained on the company. Besides, the possibility to get promoted is guaranteed to all company's employees.

Payment rate: the first trial month's salary is 2550$, to be paid at the end of the month, after the completion of the probationary period the salary will be rigid $3,250/month - the sum total to be divided into 2 biweekly payments.

Additional incentives: after the probationary period of 1 month you will also be receiving extra bonuses per package based on your performance.

Key duties are: to access the Control Panel with assigned tasks every day online; to receive and examine packages in order to ensure quality control, and ship them out with prepaid shipping labels; to cooperate with a senior supervisor and your colleagues online; keep record of incoming and outgoing packages online; to submit daily reports to the Logistics Department.

Perks and benefits kick in after the trial period of 31 days: full health insurance on the company, 28 days of paid vacation a year. Personal days off are generally procured according to the company's policy and are not paid.

For the purpose of obtaining more details regarding the position, please reply with the following:

- Name: Aryn Smith

- Your Cell Number:

The applications with phone numbers are given priority.

We appreciate your prompt response, and wish you to have a great day!


Regina Golden

E.C. Company

Anonymous said...

I got the same email from Charlotte Hill of EC. I looked up their email address and it's from Microsoft in Oregon; however, their website URL is located in Russia. I don't have anything against Russians, but I do have fierce feelings about scammers. It would be great if everyone they try to scam out wits them. Hahahaha!