Job scam quick guide: it's a scam if...

  • they want you to collect and forward money in any way (a "money mule" job). You'll wind up engaged in money laundering, personally defrauded via expertly forged cheques, money orders, etc, or defrauding someone else who pays for goods that never arrive.
  • they want you to receive packages and reship them somewhere else. The goods will have been obtained fraudulently, and they're just using you to make the shipping address appear local. You will be aiding fraud.
  • they want up-front payment (either to them or someone else) of any sort for anything before you can get the job. This is advance fee fraud: there is no job -- it's just a big con to extract money from you.
  • they want you to buy any kind of "membership" or "kit" in order to start. Forget it -- it's not a real job at all: they're trying to sell you something, and they're probably making a bunch of other false claims about it if they're pitching it as a "job".
  • it's a job offer, and it's spam. There are LOTS of these scams about, as you can see.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lomai Electronics

A Google search shows no evidence that the name "Lomai Electronics" is in use anywhere else, so I guess the scammers are making it up rather than ripping it off. This is another of the usual money mule scams in which stolen money is transferred to the "employee", and he is asked to launder it overseas via Western Union. The associated domain name, "", was registered just over a week ago. I don't expect it lo last for long, and there may be other similar ones registered and standing by to substitute for it.

   Registrar: ESTDOMAINS, INC.
   Whois Server:
   Referral URL:
   Name Server: NS1.SECUREDNS.IR
   Name Server: NS2.SECUREDNS.IR
   Updated Date: 25-aug-2008
   Creation Date: 18-aug-2008
   Expiration Date: 18-aug-2009

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: [redacted (false, random)]
Date: 2008/8/27 UTC
Subject: SEEK Newsletter
To: [redacted (privacy)]

A leading Hong Kong company in the field of low-cost manufacturing, sales and distribution looking for a responsible, confident & honest people for the position of Company Representative in your particular region of Australia:
- Work from home 3-4 hours per day.
- Or work from anywhere (all you need is a computer & a phone).
- Ongoing support provided.

There are no fees or spending money for you. Please visit Lomai Electronics for more details.

IDSsolutions Managment

Here's a fairly nondescript money mule scam, fresh from the inbox. It looks like the usual scam that is targeted at Australians: receive stolen money via bank transfer, and launder it overseas via Western Union. The tip-off is the bit where they say, "10% commission from every processed customer".

If you've received any money from these people, report it to your bank as a suspicious transaction, and they'll send it back to its rightful owner.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: [redacted (false, random)]
Date: 2008/8/27 UTC
Subject: Business Proposal
To: [redacted (privacy)]

Dear Sir/Madam,

Our firm has an opening in our Australian department for a Sales Executive Representative position. This will be a part-time/home based position and the applicant must have the following qualifications:

E-mail access and ability to work 4 hours a day
MS Word, MS Excel, PDF qualification
Cell phone for urgent duties
Adult age

Starting salary is 1,000.00  per month + 10% commission from every processed customer (over 4,500.00 monthly).

Send your resume to our personal e-mail:

If you require any additional information please let us know.

We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

Thanks for your attention.

Thanks for your attention.

IDSsolutions Managment

SNB Auctions

Work available as administrative assistant for organised crime gang of unknown nationality. Job duties expected to involve fraud, money laundering, and liaison with law enforcement officers followed by possible criminal charges.

The .md domain does not operate a whois server, so no details as to the date of registration for "" are available. Assume the worst. Note that the website appears to be hosted by proxy through a botnet (it returns five widely divergent address records in dynamically allocated address space with short time-to-live values).

A Google search on a phrase from the "about us" page shows (a) evidence of plagiarism, and (b) tentative overlap with other scams: "Zinex Finance" and "East Collect Int".

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: [redacted (false, random)]
Date: 2008/8/26 UTC
Subject: URGENT!!! Employees Wanted.from 850$ Per Week.(from 2700$ for business staff)
To: [redacted (privacy)]

Dear sir/madam,

We are currently offering part time positions in New Zealand, Australia, Spain , UK and Germany:

Available position:
Administrative assistant

The job of Administrative assistant does not need any special skills or knowledge in any specific areas. Your commitment to the job, readiness to make the job on time and with good quality, honesty and responsibility, good business acumen and accuracy are the basic recruitment criteria.

Work in our company will give you a chance to improve your qualification as administrative assistant
We are  looking for people who can show good post-sale professional qualities.

Administrative assistant provides clerical and administrative support of departments of management and sales. Selected candidate should be able to demonstrate data sorting and special project operating skills.

The position is part-time (full-time also possible) and home based. The responsibilities include sales support, answering clients’ letters(optional), correspondence with the dragged in offices and vendors. The person should be able to maintain correspondence showing skills of competent and literal written communication. The vacancy includes carrying out of clerical responsibilities aimed to provide effective sales processing. One of the items is preparing and spreading of the reports.

To be selected one will have to demonstrate the following qualities:

- Good knowledge of Microsoft Windows/PC/internet usage
- Uphold a high level of integrity and ethics.
- Ability to follow directions
- Good responsibility to company requests
- Proved ability to work independently
- Knowledge of basic accounting
- Honesty and responsibility in performing corporate tasks
- Willingness to coordinate personal results, work independently
- Fluent English
- maturity age

Company's provisions:

- $1500 Bonus after 30-days of employment.If you work minimum of 8h per week.
- We guarantee that you will earn money right from your virtual home office while working as an independent contractor with us.
- Competitive Salary
- Flexible work schedule
- Online assistance and training
- Over 3500 $ monthly which highly depends on your results

You can find more information about this offer on our website:

Application form:

We will contact you ASAP (24-48 hours after we receive your application form on our site) by e-mail or by phone to provide you more information

With best regards,

SNB Auctions

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Retoneva Ltd.

This is a typical money mule job with one novel twist: the sign-up link they provide connects to a Flash file hosted at, rather than the more typical HTML website. This may be their latest attempt at avoiding spam filters. In my case, that strategy failed: it arrived in my Gmail spam folder as it ought.

For those not familiar with this scam, it involves laundering stolen money. The "employers" (a crime gang, not actually representative of any company) transfer stolen money into your bank account, then ask you to withdraw it and send it overseas via Western Union, thus laundering it. It's illegal. Contact your bank if you've received any money from these guys and report the transaction as suspicious: the bank will send the money back to its rightful owner.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: [redacted (false, random)]
Date: 2008/8/26 UTC
Subject: Very URGNT! NEW career with our company. staff needed. Assistants and Managers
To: [redacted (privacy)]


Retoneva Ltd. recruits agents for business relations.
Position Type: Permanent
Working hours: Between 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday-Saturday. Variable overtime is also required.
Occupation Type: Part-time (1-8 hours a day occupation).
Probation period: 1 month (paid as a normal work).
Payment: Your basic salary will equal about 3000 USD/month (10% commission per each received transfer). You'll get your payment as a wire transfer approximately once a week and make Western Union transfers to our employees abroad.
Retoneva Ltd. will reimburse all transfer related fees.

Job Requirements:
We do not require any investments from our applicants. The job nature is a payment processing between our customers (sellers and buyers). No professional skills are required.

If you are interested in our job offer, please click on link and fill application form

Retoneva Ltd.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Fine Art Services

This is just another money mule job in which the "employee" launders money for an organised crime gang elsewhere in the world. At the time I post, the website to which they have linked here is not active yet. When spamming out job ads like this, the scammers are pretty much obliged to use several domain names, since spam filters are particularly sensitive to hyperlinks like this. Note that the domain name itself was registered less than 24 hours ago at the time I post.

Domain Name:                       FINEARTSERVICE.BIZ
Domain ID:                         D26727735-BIZ
Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID:      303
Registrant ID:                     PP-SP-001
Registrant Name:                   Domain Admin
Registrant Organization: 
Name Server:                       NS1.MGSDOMAINS.COM
Name Server:                       NS2.MGSDOMAINS.COM
Domain Registration Date:          Sun Aug 24 06:03:43 GMT 2008
Domain Expiration Date:            Sun Aug 23 23:59:59 GMT 2009
Domain Last Updated Date:          Sun Aug 24 09:38:35 GMT 2008

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <>
Date: 2008/8/25
Subject: 0pening 0ffice in Australia
To: [redacted (privacy)]

The Fine Art Services, international fine art and antiques shipping transportation system is the largest in the United States. Fine Art Services has been fortunate during its history to assemble the most experienced staff of any company in the specialized field of fine art services. In 2008 Fine Art Services is creating new international offices and starting to provide service in Canada, Central Europe and Australia.FyYhRYjGDU

Fine Art Services has now opened Regional Administrative Coordinator vacancies in AustraliaWNQuqpDIM

Main duties are:
Coordinating internet sales projects.
Contacts with company's clients
Operating within prescribed budgets
Managing cash and balancing receipts

Wage Details: 52k AUD + benefitsOu

Main requirements for the candidates are:

· Effctive interaction with customers;
· Willingness to work at home;
· The ability to operate with more than one task effectively, and have an adaptable, flexible, professional attitude;HHrPZN24x9DMvF5Kv7LmfZ0
· Honesty, responsibility and promptness in operations;
· The ability to create good administrative reporting;
· The ability of stable communication with our company and on-time and detailed reporting;
· Effective dealing with tight deadlines and frequently changing priorities;
· Must have good leadership skills and be ethical, polite, tactful;pBFB0Wq9jK98pgludlHdU1

To the successful applicants we offer a position on a trial period (2 week).FIlt

More information about this and other vacanies you may find on our website.

If you are interested in this vacancy and you feel, that your qualifications correspond to our requirements, please visit to apply online.

Fine Art Services2h3ME6Jn66J

This mail sent automatically to jobseeker subscribers. If you got didn't subscribe please ignore this message.pOTxC5rVm7I7CmeYfCJZ

Friday, August 22, 2008

Ecosystems Global

Just another money mule scam: probably one of the usual suspects, reported here time and time again under different names. As usual, these guys are looking for people to receive transfers of stolen money and launder it via Western Union.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Ecosystem. [redacted (false)]
Date: 2008/8/21 UTC
Subject: Just to have a look at!
To: [redacted (privacy)]

Ecosystems Global is  now expending! To deal with the
international payments processings we are now looking for people
willing to facilitate  establishing of our all-round-the-globe
business connections and assist saving considerably by tax disbursing
reduction. This position of the Financial Assistant involves accepting
payments from our Australian clients to your account and resending to our partners.
You are getting paid right  the moment you cash the
payment. It's the commission in amount equal to 8% out the sum posted on your account.
This very amount you're deducting before sending anything out.

So,estimated roughly, you can make up to 2000$ extra monthly.

Plus, you get:
- flexi-time (usually 2-3 hours a day)
- Saturdays & Sundays off

- Have to be aged 21 or above
- No criminal record
- Regular Internet access
- Ability to accept payments using your bank account
- Ability to resend the money through Western Union

If feel qualified ,please, attach the following info to start up with:

-  Fist Name:
-  Last Name:
-  Age:
-  Sex:
- Country
- State, City, Zip
- Phone number( home and cell)
- Valid email address

NOTE:!!!! the email address you use to contact us for the first time is: , in the subject field put " interested".

Please, use only mentioned email address, otherwise we'll fail to receive your response.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

"Regional Representative" job with contact address

This is a typical money mule scam targeting Australians, but it's very thin on identification. The "company" is not identified (not that there is one), and the only form of contact offered is a very long and random email address in the "" domain (which I suspect is just another free webmail system). These techniques appear to serve two purposes: to evade spam filters, and to make it hard to search for information on sites like mine. Seriously, what would you search on to find this page? Congratulations to you if you found it anyhow.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: [redacted (false)]
Date: 2008/8/21 UTC
Subject: Start today.
To: [redacted (privacy)]

Our highly recognized brand is going through a growth phase at the moment and therefore
needs an experienced financial field manager to support and facilitate this growth.

*POSITION: Regional Representative
*COUNTRY: Australia
*SALARY: 1xxx-2xxx USD [varies]
*OCCUPATION: 1-3 hours a day
*EDUCATION and EXPERIENCE: Bachelor's degree is desired. MBA is a plus. Some
additional experience working with finances would be helpful but not required.
SKILLS:  Fluent English. Ability to read, analyze, and interpret financial
reports and data. Must have an extensive knowledge of Microsoft Excel/Word. You
must also be able to operate Internet Banking.
*HOW TO APPLY: Please apply to [random name]  by email [various] We will get back
to you within 5 working days.

If you do not want to receive further communications from simply us ignore this message
and your address will be deleted from our mailing list within 48 hours period.

[capitalised fingerprint text redacted]

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Vicenza Qualitŕ

This money mule scam should immediately strike you as "too good to be true". Not only are they offering you 10% of each transaction, they claim that you may receive payments in excess of $60,000 monthly. Nothing too suspicious there, no? They don't specify how payments will be received: it's probably either "forged cheques", or "stolen money via direct bank transfer".

Just in case the company information is real, I should point out that this scammer has nothing to do with the real company. He's just using it as a cover story.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Vicenza Qualitŕ <> [SPF verified]
Date: 2008/8/9 UTC
To: undisclosed-recipients


Vicenza Qualitŕ Needs More Representatives.

With due respect, the Vicenza Qualitŕ extends her business relationship to you
today and we do hope that this will be pleasing to you. We are International
trading company with our corporate headquarters based in Italy. We deal on wide
verieties of materials and finished personal care products including live long

Vicenza and its province stretch over the central part of the North-East region
of Italy, an area with the highest rate of companies in Italy. It is located at
60 Km from Venice, 40 Km from Verona, 200 Km from Milan, 500 from Rome, 415
from Munich (Germany) and 630 from Vienna (Austria).

In this context of excellence, Vicenza Qualitŕ, a special company of the
Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture whose primary mission is
to support the internationalization of Vicenza businesses. The propensity for
exports is another characteristic of local businesses: it is sufficient to note
that foreign sales account for 9,266,000,000 EUR. A figure that places Vicenza
third in Italy.

Due to our competent records we have been recieving orders from NORTHERN
AMERICA, AUSTRALIA, EUROPE, AFRICA  which we have not been able to process
competently since we do not have a payment recieving personel in these areas as
it is difficult to have payments sent from foreign countries processed within a
short time. We have decided to recruit payment officers  hence we will be
needing a representative to process our payments in these areas - due to delays
in processing payments from these areas in Italy.

What we need presently is personal to help us receive payments directly from
our customers in your country. Becoming a representative or agent qualifies you
for a 10% of every payment you process for our company, this means that you
earn 10% of every payment received from our customers. Due to the size of
orders, you may receive payments of above $60,000 monthly.

Job Duration: Two hours daily, not including weekends. More details come your
way soon if only you are interested.

File for application if you are willing to become an agent to Vicenza Qualitŕ,
this will include your full names, office and house address, age, sex, phone
number, current employer, Position held, Educational Qualification held etc.
Send your information to for further hearing.

Note that becoming our representative does not disturb your currenct
employment. More details when you respond.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Leone Vaz

 Copyright Š2005-2007 Made in Vicenza - Vicenza Qualitŕ P.IVA 00893200246

Friday, August 08, 2008

WordSoft or WorldSoft

These guys can't currently decide whether they are "WordSoft Ltd" or "WorldSoft Ltd". Not that it matters: they're neither of the above -- this is a scam. Exactly what sort of scam isn't 100% clear, since they don't give any details. It looks like a money mule job, but I'd need more details to know for sure what the game is. If anyone has corresponded with them, please share the details here. [Update 2008-08-09: Yes, it's a money mule scam. They are looking for peopole to receive stolen money through bank transfers and launder it via Western Union or similar.]

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: [redacted (random)]
Date: 2008/8/8 UTC
Subject: Part-time job at home.

WordSoft Ltd is a custom software development firm located in Sydney, Australia. We offer full cycle custom software programming services, from product idea, offshore software development to outsourcing support and enhancement. WorldSoft Ltd employs a large pool of software engineers coming from different backgrounds. We are able to balance product development efforts and project duration to your business needs.

WordSoft customer service department is currently offering employment for 30 Australian residents and 50 Spanish residents in order to provide it's new branch with qualified personnel.
The private client support desk is responsible for following up client enquiries, helping the clients to understand how WorldSoft Ltd. can save them money on foreign currency transactions, and developing new business through referrals.
If you're a customer service fanatic, and enjoy working in a challenging and rewarding environment, please see below for our current list of opportunities.


• Proficiency in MS Word, Excel & Internet
• Excellent communication skills both oral and written
• Bilingual English language ability is a plus

- This work does not require any experience!
- This is a work at home

During the probationary period (30 days) you will be paid $4500 per month.
After the completion of the probationary period your salary will go up to $6000 per month.

Should you have any questions regarding this letter, our offer of employment or anything else, please write me an e-mail.
We are excited to have you join our organization and look forward to working with you.

Please forward your full resume, contact information and questions to HR dept on e-mail:

You will be contacted within 1 to 3 business days.


Recruiting Support Team
WorldSoft Ltd.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

XOOM Global Money Transfer

There's not a lot to say about this: it's the usual money mule recruitment scam in which stolen money is transferred into the employee's account, and he is asked to send it overseas (launder it) via Western Union. These job offers don't come from real companies -- they come from organised crime syndicates in need of disposable lackeys. I've received several of these using a variety of Gmail contact addresses.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: [redacted (false, random)]
Date: 2008/8/7 UTC
Subject: work in the financial company
To: [redacted (privacy)]

This letter contains an offer of the distant job.

Main requirements:
- Age from 18 to 60 years
- Basic computer
- AU citizenship or AU permanent residency
- Mobile connection
- The account in any bank
- Accuracy, responsibility and making tasks in a short space of time
- 1-2 hours of free time during working day
- Desired Education Level: High School or Equivalent


The description of the job:
Our firm has been already working for 4 years in the Net market of transactions, we have worked out our own
scheme of financial transactions for the third World, for all less economically developed countries and we
involve employees from well-to-do countries like Australia.
You can work at constant job or be unemployed, but you should always have an opportunity to visit the bank,
the Western Union office, the office of our company in Ottawa, Canada. You don't need to have any kind of
financial education or experience. Pass the registration on our web-site, after checking your information your personal
manager will connect you. He will define the work specificity just for you in your region.

If you're interested in our offer you should reply on our personal e-mail:

and link for registration will be sent to you.

About us:
XOOM Global Money Transfer was organized by the european millionaire Roman Abramovich, who used to be the first
in making the public statement that the financial market brings the killing profit in less economically developed
countries and there is no point to underestimate them.

The system of urgent transactions has been working from 2004; for all that time there was made more than 4 million transactions.

Our business is absolutely legal according to all international laws.


Info: Dear ladies and gentlemen, we are sincerely sorry if our advertisement letter has come to you without the inquiry in the form of spam. Unfortunately, not all promotion companies use the legal advertisement, therefore we also suffer.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Apple Sales Group

This seems to be the latest mutation of the scam recently known as "Fund Operator", or "WWP Sales Group". I think that those two scams are ultimately operated by the same gang -- they merely have slight stylistic differences. The scam is the usual payment processing "money mule" scam involving the receipt of stolen money via direct bank transfer, and forwarding it (money laundering) overseas via Western Union or similar.

I decided to poke my nose in the headers this time and see where the mail originated. Often it's just a botnet, and the IP address reveals nothing of particular value. In this case, the IP address was, which is currently delegated to Quantum Communications in St Petersburg, Russia. This could be botnet activity, but it doesn't look like it. I suspect, rather, that we're dealing with a Russian organised crime gang in this case.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: [redacted (false, random)]
Date: 2008/8/5 UTC
Subject: Looking for extra Income? Please Read.
To: [redacted (not my address)]

Please take your time and read about this genuine offer, job position.Make money spending only few hours a day, if you are located in Australia! This position either can replace your current job, or can be as an extra income for you. Denmark successful company -  Apple Sales Group brought this opportunity for you. Advertisement itself is brought to you via Google ads (Paid advertisement, assigning e-mail business account). The most convenient and smart position for anybody who has couple hours a day, Monday-Friday. You will be able to make 1400+ AUD a week! It's either - you do want to participate in this, or - you do not, that's what makes it a genuine offer and worth reading and finding out more. If you meet requirements - do not hesitate to receive full information:

*You are 18+ y/o
*You are Reliable and Enthusiastic person.
*You Have 2-3 Hours a Day of Your Spare/Free Time, Monday-Friday(Saturday).
*You Are Located in Australia (New Zealand can be considered also).
*You Have Access to Internet 2-3 Hours A Day, Monday-Friday(Saturday).

"The Most Creative Opportunity of The Month" - "Two Time" Magazine, quote by Angela Roer.
"Consider This Opportunity" - "Behind The Truth" Magazine, quote by Marcus Stowee.

To receive full information reply to:

with subject "More Information" and one of our representatives will assist you shortly.
Thank you for your interest and Good Luck!

Best Regards,
Apple Sales Group.

How many emails can you process a day? (snake oil)

I've been getting this crap quite regularly of late. I'm not exactly sure what the details are, other than the following.

1. Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, and more spam.
2. Dishonest headers, and thus illegal even under the USA's notoriously lenient CAN-SPAM act.
3. The large print makes guarantees of easy wealth which are all subsequently nullified by the small print on the disclaimers page.
4. They want money up front. It's not a job: they're selling snake oil using spam and lies.

There are hundreds of variations on this crap out there; this just happens to be the most recent one I've seen. The domain name is "", which was registered on 29-Jul-2008 12:02:04 UTC (i.e. about a week ago) to someone using the email address "".

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: [redacted (address does not exist)]
Date: 2008/8/6 UTC
Subject: I can process 20 emails per day, Then I earn $500 Every Day! What about you?

Hello Friends,
How many emails can you process a day?
If you can process 30 a day you'll
earn $750.00 everyday straight in your Paypal Account!
You Are Guarant'eed to be Paid Instantly for Each Email You Process!
This is an easy,profitable opp0rtunity to earn $1000's every week.
Your Earnings Are Un'limited
You can Make $150.00 in two hours easily.
The more time you invest, the more time you will have for email processing,
and the more money you can make while working in the privacy of your own home.
Anne Black
Kindly disregard this message if you received this by mistake. 
To stop receiving messages from us, please use the link here.
Thank you.

Monday, August 04, 2008

MCB Finance (a.k.a. EFG - Group Oy)

A correspondent warns me of a job scam found advertised in an Australian newspaper. I've heard of such ads being placed in print media in the USA, but this is the first such report I've had from Australia. As happens from time to time, the scammers haven't been entirely consistent with their false identity, and the email they sent contained links to two different (but highly similar) websites: MCB Finance, and EFG Group. I've reported on an "EFG" scam before, and I strongly suspect it's still the same gang. Also, there was an IFN Finance scam which used the same banner graphics. Basically these guys favour three letter acronyms (TLAs), and change name to "FOO Finance" or "BAR Group" on a roughly monthly basis. It's always a money mule scam.

See also the document MCB_Application_Australia, which was attached to the email.

Domain ID:D153445557-LROR
Created On:25-Jul-2008 14:12:52 UTC
Last Updated On:25-Jul-2008 14:12:52 UTC
Expiration Date:25-Jul-2009 14:12:52 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:Directi Internet Solutions Pvt. Ltd. d/b/a (R27-LROR)

Domain ID:D24464714-LRMS
Created On:14-Apr-2008 07:09:26 UTC
Last Updated On:26-Jun-2008 13:00:17 UTC
Expiration Date:14-Apr-2009 07:09:26 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:Directi Internet Solutions Pvt. Ltd. d/b/a (R159-LRMS)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: MCB Finance Group <>
Date: Sun, Aug 3, 2008 at XX:XX
To: [redacted (privacy)]

Good day and thank you for enquiry. I have attached following documents for you: 

Application_Australia.doc (Position description and application form) 

Client_Agreement.rtf (Independent Contractor Agreement) 

What you have to do now: 

1) Download and open an application form and job description (Application_Australia.doc) first. 

2) If you agree with conditions please fill the form out and forward it back to us via e-mail 

( (which is more preferable) or fax it to one of these numbers +1-973-215-4895,


3) Fill the contract out (Client_Agreement.rtf) and send it back to us after one week of trial period(*). 

Once your personal details are received and processed, we will make our decision within 10 days and 

inform you when the first transfer occurs. Thank you and have a nice day. 


* Trial period. It is not required to sign the contract in the beginning of your employment as the position 

we offer is part time. After one month of trial period we will reconsider you for full time employment.

PDF copies of all documents are to be found on our website (employment section). If you can not 

download them please let us know and we will send forms directly to you.


Oliver Lesken,

Billing Department,

MCB Finance Group,,

VOICE/FAX: +1-973-215-4895,

FAX: +358-923-194-104 (Finland).

Friday, August 01, 2008

ZenexFinance Inc

Quite a while ago, I reported a "Zinex Finance" scam. I won't hazard a guess as to whether the similar name here, "Zenex", means that it's the same scammers. It's the same old money mule recruitment scam, though, and they're not a company, they're organised crime.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: [redacted (false, random)]
Date: 2008/7/31 UTC
Subject: The Best Opportunity Nowadays to Make Cash!
To: [redacted (privacy)]

Dear Sir/Madam! If you are looking for an EXTRA INCOME - this is for you!
Successful foreign company - ZenexFinance Inc., is currently seeking for Australian residents for a Banking Courier position. Make $1000-$1300 AUD a week and enjoy the job itself. If you are 18+ y/o, if you are able to check your e-mail 3-4 times a day, if you have 1-2 hours of free time Mon-Thu - this job is for you! Very nice and rare opportunity for making extra income! If interetsted Reply with 'More Information' to:    One of our representatives will provide you with full information within 48 hours! Thank You and Good Luck!

ZenexFinance Inc.
USA, California
Los Angeles,90025