Job scam quick guide: it's a scam if...

  • they want you to collect and forward money in any way (a "money mule" job). You'll wind up engaged in money laundering, personally defrauded via expertly forged cheques, money orders, etc, or defrauding someone else who pays for goods that never arrive.
  • they want you to receive packages and reship them somewhere else. The goods will have been obtained fraudulently, and they're just using you to make the shipping address appear local. You will be aiding fraud.
  • they want up-front payment (either to them or someone else) of any sort for anything before you can get the job. This is advance fee fraud: there is no job -- it's just a big con to extract money from you.
  • they want you to buy any kind of "membership" or "kit" in order to start. Forget it -- it's not a real job at all: they're trying to sell you something, and they're probably making a bunch of other false claims about it if they're pitching it as a "job".
  • it's a job offer, and it's spam. There are LOTS of these scams about, as you can see.

Friday, August 28, 2009


This is a money mule job scam.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Addie Reid <[redacted (unverifiable)]>
Date: 2009/8/4 UTC
Subject: Guaranteed Income from 1 hour a day
To: [redacted (privacy)]

Hello Dear,
We at  MVRDC Inc., a company specialised in handcut diamonds have a position available for you in
response to your initial request for employment in search directory for USA, CANADA, UK AND EUROPE.
We are based outside the United States Of America

Handcut diamond orders has been coming from North America  lately and we have not been able
to process these orders completely since we do not have a payment receiving personnel in this area.
So we have decided to recruit Payment Officers via the Internet hence we will  be needing a
representative to process our payments in this area. payments come in money orders or wire transfers
Every  payment made attracts a 10% commission for a prospective empolyee.
Interested persons should send the below information only to

First name :
Last name :
Full Address (NOT P.O BOX) :
City :
State :
Country :
Zip Code :
Tel numbers :
Age :
Best means of communication?email/phone

Please reply only to our special e-mail:

Thank You
Stephen Passlack

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