Job scam quick guide: it's a scam if...

  • they want you to collect and forward money in any way (a "money mule" job). You'll wind up engaged in money laundering, personally defrauded via expertly forged cheques, money orders, etc, or defrauding someone else who pays for goods that never arrive.
  • they want you to receive packages and reship them somewhere else. The goods will have been obtained fraudulently, and they're just using you to make the shipping address appear local. You will be aiding fraud.
  • they want up-front payment (either to them or someone else) of any sort for anything before you can get the job. This is advance fee fraud: there is no job -- it's just a big con to extract money from you.
  • they want you to buy any kind of "membership" or "kit" in order to start. Forget it -- it's not a real job at all: they're trying to sell you something, and they're probably making a bunch of other false claims about it if they're pitching it as a "job".
  • it's a job offer, and it's spam. There are LOTS of these scams about, as you can see.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Jobs of the sort described here do exist, but they are very rare, and not offered as "work at home" positions to random people on the Internet. This is a scam where the scammer wants to send you stolen money or forged cheques, and have you send back cash via Western Union or similar on the pretext that you are evaluating their service. This is no different to the usual money mule scam where the pretext is that you are processing customer payments.

With all scams you need to look past the cover story and think about what actually happens, otherwise you might not recognise this as a money mule scam, just because the cover story has changed.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Randys Stender <>
Date: 2009/1/6 UTC
Subject: Job Offer Available

My name is Randys Stender, I would like to know if you would like to work for our company SPP and get paid without affecting your present job. Actually we need a representative who can conduct surveys and evaluation.

SPP is a company that conduct surveys and evaluate other companies. We get hired to Evaluate other peoples companies, we act like a customer in order to know how a staff relates with their customers. once we have a contract to do so, you would be directed to the company or outlet, and you would be given the funds you need to do the job(either purchase things or get a require service), after which you would write a Report on the staffs activities and give a detailed record of your experience.

Examples of details you would forward to us are
1)How long it took you to get services.
2)Smartness of the attendant
3)Customer service professionalism

we turn the information over to the company executives and they would carry out their own duties on improving there services. Most companies employ our assistance when people get complains about their services, or when they feel there are needs for them to improve their customer service.
your Identity would be kept confidential as the job states (secret shopper) you would be paid $400 for every duty you carry out, and bonus on your transportation allowance, and funds would be given to you if you have to dine as part of the duty.

Your job will be to evaluate and comment on customer service in a wide variety of shops, stores, restaurant and services in your area.
If you are interested do send in these information:

FULL NAME:.....................
CONTACT ADDRESS:...............
TELEPHONE NUMBER:.....................

Countries: USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia only.

Randys Stender

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